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Brief Introduction of Anhui Medical University


Anhui Medical University, formerly known as Shanghai Southeast Medical College, is one of most prestigious universities in Anhui Province, which established in 1926, relocated to its present place and renamed Anhui Medical College in 1949. It has the longest history and is also the first authorized university to admit Ph.D. and post-doctorial researchers in this province. Different programs and courses are being offered in 21 special fields of study, a 7-year bachelor-master program (clinical medicine). The university has been authorized to establish 2 post-doctorial scientific research programs, to grant doctorial degrees in 4 specialities, and to award master’s degree in 46 specialties.

The university is an advanced medical educational center, medical research center, and medical treatment center. It has 21 teaching branches such as the first Clinical College (the first Affiliated Hospital), the Affiliated Medical College (Affiliated Provincial Hospital), the second Clinical College (the second Affiliated Hospital), College of Stomatology (the Affiliated Dental Hospital) and College of Postgraduates, etc. The university has a faculty of 4889 working in teaching and medical practice, including 386 professors, 741 associate professors, and over 138 doctorial graduates. At present there are 10458 undergraduates, 825 postgraduates and doctorial students.

The university consists of two parts---the main campus and the southern campus covering entirely an area of about 860000 square meters. Its library comprises about 720000 volumes and 20000 kinds of periodical and journals as well as e-journals. It is equipped with a campus computer network, which is a center in Anhui for sharing biological and medical information across the nation and Internet. The library has broad relations with libraries, schools and research institutions at home and abroad.

The university has build up close links with higher institutions in the countries of the Europe, the USA and Japan. The establishment of research centers are the result of collaboration with Harvard University and Mayo Clinic in the USA, Sino-Canada Children Foundation, Karolinska Medical Institute in Sweden and Osnabruck University of Applied Sciences in Germany respectively. The training of the personnel is the result of cooperation with Hong Kong Rehabilitation Center (WHO) and JICA (Japan).



Contract Terms
Contact Info

Vacancy: 2

Gender: M / F

Degree: Bachelor

Major: Unspecified

Work Experience: more than three years

Teacher or Expert: Foreign Teacher

Age: Unspecified

Nationality: American, British, Canadian,Australia,

Language: Native English speaker

Contract duration: one year

Starting date: Sep. 2005

Working place: On campus

Workload: 15-16 periods per week

Monthly salary (RMB): 3000-4000

Courses to teach: Oral English, Reading, Writing

Air fare (RMB): Round Trip

Travel allowance (RMB): 2200 of one-year contract

Facilities in apartment: TV, telephone, air conditioner, furniture,

Surrounding facilities: 24h-service supermarket, park, cleaners, restaurant, internet bar,bus stop.

Contact: Li Mingxia

Tel: +86-551-5161011

Fax: +86-551-5161011

E-mail: limingxia562@sohu.com

Website: http://www.ahmu.edu.cn

Address: 81 Meishan Road,

Postcode: 230032