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Founded in 1958, NCEPU is one of the key universities affiliated with the Ministry of Education. The University has two campuses, Beijing Campus and Baoding Campus in HebeiProvince.

After 40 years development, currently, the university has established her as a comprehensive key university with a wide variety of disciplines such as science, engineering, liberal arts, law, economics and management. NCEPU comprises 15 schools and offers 53 undergraduate programs, 43 postgraduate programs, 14 doctoral programs and 2 postdoctoral programs.
The library of the university covers an area of 39,300 m2 with a collection of more than one million books.
With over 25,000 students from all over the country, NCEPU has a large resource of teaching staff. There are 1163 professional teachers, including four Academicians of China Engineering Academy, 565 Professors and Associate Professors as well as 54 PhD supervisors.

Undertaken by the university, the research program of space flight simulator to facilitate the astronaut training for the launch mission of “Shenzhou 5” manned spacecraft won a national award.

The university has established cooperative relationships with universities, scientific institutions, companies, and enterprises from over twenty countries and regions including the United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia, Germany, Korea, Japan, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. A variety of academic exchanges have been carried out in the fields of the scientific research projects, new product development, cooperative education and so on.

Study and Living Environment:

The Beijing campus is located in Zhuxinzhuang, Deshengmenwai, Beijing. It is next to the Badaling Express way, close to Zhongguancun High Technology Park and the Metro System. It neighbors the National Olympic Park, the center of 2008 Beijing Olympic Game. A number of bus lines (No.345, No.845, No.820) run close to the University, and can take passengers either to the subway or to the city center.

The university owns modern playgrounds including standard basketball, volleyball, badminton and tennis courts, etc.

The apartments of international students are supervised in a standardized way and are equipped with bathrooms (for 24 hours bathing), air-conditioners, refrigerators, color TVs, Internet connections, telephones, desks, closets and other furniture. There are dining hall, shared kitchen and laundry rooms in the apartment building.

There are banks, post office and supermarket near the campus. All these provide the international students with a comfortable study and living environment.

Accommodation and Food Expenses


Room Type




Food Expenses (RMB)

25m² standard room, twin beds

Bathroom, hot water, air-conditioner, color TV, internet interface, telephone, desk, closet, public kitchen and public laundry for foreign students



Average, 15-25

Per person per day

 Tuition and Application Fee


Type of Student

Period of Study



Application Fee (RMB)

Registration Fee* (RMB)

Chinese language student

2 weeks




4 weeks




8 weeks




12 weeks




1 semester




1 year




Personal tutor

80/teaching hour



Bachelor’s degree student

4 years



500/ year

Master’s degree student

2.5--3.5 years

30000/ year


500/ year

Ph.D. student

3--4 years

35000/ year


500/ year

Certificate programs

1--2 years

22000/ year


500/ year

Advanced certificate programs

Less than 1 year

35000/ year


500/ year

 * Registration Fee: The student will only pay for the application fee after his/her arrival at the university, because the registration fee is included in the application fee.


Schools or Departments
School of
Business Administration
Economics, International Economics and trade, Finance, Engineering Management, Business Administration, Marketing, Financial Management, Human Resources Management, Accountancy, Labor and Social Security, Electronic Business, Information Management and Information Systems
Department of Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering and Its Automation, Electrical Engineering and Management
Department of Energy & Power Engineering
Material Science and Engineering, Thermal Energy and Power Engineering, Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering , Nuclesar Engineering and Nuclear Technology
Department of Automation
Automation, Monitoring Technology and Apparatus
Department of Information Engineering

Electronic Information Engineering, Communication Engineering,

Electronic Science and Technology
Department of Computer Science

Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering

School of Humanities & Social Science
Law, Public Affairs Administration, Advertising, Administration
Department of Foreign Language
English Language and Literature
Department of Mathematics & Physics
Information and Computing Science

Main Undergraduate Programs:


Main Master’s Degree and Ph.D. Degree Programs

(with a #mark means for both Master and Ph.D. degree)

1. English Language and Literature

2. Mechano-Electronic Engineering

3. Mechanical design and Theory

4. Engineering Thermophysics

5. Thermal Power Engineering #

6. Electric Machine and Elec0trical Equipment #

7. Electric Power System and Automation #

8. High-Voltage and Insulation Technology #

9. Electrical Engineering Theory and New Technology #

10. Communications and Information System

11. Control Theories and Control Engineering

12. Model Identification and Intelligent System

13. Computer Application Technology

14. Management Science and Engineering

15. Technical Economics and Management #

16. Power Machinery and Engineering

17. Mechanical Manufacture and Automation

18. Signal and Information Processing

19. Computer Software and Theory

20. Systems Engineering

21. Quantitative Economics

22. Accountancy

23. Enterprise management

24. Applied Mathematics

25. Fluid Machinery and Engineering

26. Electromagnetic Fields and Microwave Technology

27. Power Electronics and Electric Drive

28. Environmental Engineering

29. Environmental Science

Post-doctoral Center:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Technical Economics

 Chinese Language Programs:

The University offers Chinese language programs on a Small Class basis, less than 15 students in each long-term class.

Compulsory Courses

Oral Communication, listening Comprehension, Reading Comprehension, Comprehensive Ability in Chinese, Writing, Chinese Culture, Newspapers and Periodicals Reading

Options of Chinese Culture

Chinese Language Proficiency Test (HSK test) Training, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Songs Singing, Chinese Folk Dancing, Chinese Folk Music Instruments, Chinese Martial Art, Chinese Shadowboxing, Chinese Film, Chinese Paper-Cut Art

Teaching Features:

A Chinese partner student for each foreign student to practice the Chinese language;

Self-study class with tutors answering questions;

Teaching Quality Supervision Group made up of linguistic experts;

Lively teaching methods with abundant teaching contents ;

Options of Chinese nationality characteristics taught by specialists;

  • Teaching achievements:

Every year, all the international students pass the HSK test (3 grade or above)

Admission Qualifications


Admission Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree

With a high school diploma or equivalent; pass our entrance examination

Master’s degree

With a Bachelor’s degree and two recommendations by Professors or Associate Professors; pass our entrance examination. New graduates from our university with excellent grades and recommendations need not take the entrance examination


With a Master’s degree and two recommendations by Professors or Associate Professors; pass our entrance examination

Certificate Programs

With at least an equivalent of two years of college

Advanced Certificate Programs

With at least a Master’s degree or studying for

Chinese Language students

With a high school diploma or equivalent

Chinese Language requirements:

  • Undergraduate students: HSK test – Elementary C or above;
  • Those who had learned his/her compulsory courses of high school in Chinese language need not take the HSK Test, but you should submit the copy of the certification letter that are offered by the Chinese embassy or consulate.

★The university can provide preparatory (language) course for international students to help them pass the HSK test.

How to Apply:

1. Applicants can ask for the Application Form from th International Education Institute of the University or download the form from the website of the University.

2. Applicants should submit the Application form together with the following documents to the International Education Institute of the university by registered mail or e-mail 2 months in advance.

  • Resume, Diploma and Transcript
    • Highest diploma, courses the applicant has taken and transcripts for Certificate Program applicant
    • Highest diploma, research achievements and expected research aspects for Advanced Certificate Program applicant
    • Highest diploma, academic degree obtained and original copy of transcripts for Bachelor’s, Master’s and applicant

2) Recommendations

  • High school graduates who apply for a Bachelor’s degree program should submit recommendations by their former school or working unit.
  • Certificate program applicants should submit recommendations by associate professors or higher
  • Master’s and and advanced certificate program applicants should submit recommendations by two professors or associate professors

3) Physical Examination Record for Foreigners

The Physical Examination Record for Foreigners, with photo of the applicant affixed and stamp of the hospital, must be completed and signed by a medical doctor after a physical examination of the applicant. A copy of the Physical Examination Record for Foreigners should be submitted to the Institute at the time of application, and the original can be brought with the student to the university.

4) Financial Guarantee Form

The guarantor should complete the Financial Guarantee Form with his information including relationship to the applicant, position, telephone and address.

5) Guarantee Form in China

The applicant’s guarantor in China should complete the Guarantee Form in China attached with his information including relationship to the applicant, position, telephone and address.

3. Once approved, the applicants will receive an Admission Notice, and the Visa Application for Foreigners Wishing to Study in China (JW202 Form). The applicants may obtain a student Visa (X-Visa) from the Chinese embassy or consulate.

Time for application and enrollment

Applying: all the year, 2 months ahead of the expected date of enrollment


★ Around September 1 for all kinds of students;

★ For long-term Chinese language programs, the enrollment date is around March 1 for spring classes and around September 1 for fall classes;

★ For Short-term Chinese language programs: Anytime




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