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Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (FAFU)


Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (FAFU) is a multi-disciplinary university formed by merging Fujian Agricultural University and Fujian Forestry College. The university inherits rich academic tradition from a lineage of distinctive predecessor institutions which include Agricultural College of Fukien Christian University (founded in 1936) and Fukien Provincial Agricultural College (founded in 1940). Its main campus is located in the west suburb of Fuzhou and its branch campus is in Nanping City. FAFU covers an area of more than 190 hectares with 710000 square meters of floor space.

In the university, there are 3 postdoctoral research centers,1 national  key disciplines ,1 national center for research and personal training in science, 2 degree-conferring programs for doctorate in the first level discipline; 40 for doctorate in the second level disciplines; 73 for masters; 3 key disciplines recognized and supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, and 15 provincial key disciplines. Besides, there are 21 colleges, with 64 disciplines for undergraduates, 29 for professional training and 54 for adult education.

Of the total enrollment of 28000 students, there are 1800 graduates for master degree and Ph.D, 20000 undergraduates and students for professional training, and 6700 students for adult education. FAFU has a faculty and staff of 2200 people, and of the 1300 teachers, there are 550 professors and associate professors (or research and associate research professors), including 1 academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 3 members of Disciplinary Appraisal Panel of Academic Degree Appraisal Committee under the State Council,  9 state young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions,  6 selected candidates for the national "Project for the Cultivation of Tens of Millions of Talents", 30 provincial excellent experts, 359 doctoral and masteral supervisors, and 112 experts with the special government allowances awarded by the State Council.

FAFU has set up 51 research institutes. The National Quarantine Station for Sugarcane Variety Introduction, Cane Sugar Inspection Center of Ministry of Agriculture, Key Laboratory of Sugarcane Genetics and Breeding under Ministry of Agriculture, Fujian Entomological Ecology Key Laboratory, Key Laboratory of Plant Virology of Fujian Province, Fujian Provincial Training and Popularization Center of Agricultural Science and Technology, Fujian Chinese Fir Research Center and Fujian Bamboo Research Center have also been set up in the university. Each year, over 200 national and provincial scientific research projects are undertaken, and since 1978, over 600 achievements have been attained, over 400 of them have been awarded national, ministry or provincial prizes of Scientific and Technological Achievements. Most of these achievements have turned into productive forces and enormous social and economic benefits have been achieved. The scientific and Technological Development Corporation of FAFU has the power to engage in import and export trade, and is one of the first 25 high-tech enterprises granted by Fujian Provincial Government.

FAFU has established academic exchanges and cooperative relationships with universities and research institutes in more than 20 countries and regions such as USA, Britain, Germany, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium and Thailand, and has friendly ties with University of California, Yale University and Oregon State University in USA, North Wales University in Britain, Louvain University in Belgium, University of Canterbury in New Zealand, Monash University in Australia, University of New Brunswick, Saint Mary's University, Nova Scotia Agricultural College in Canada, Kasetsart University in Thailand, Agricultural University of Malaysia as well as Taiwan University. The journal of the university is issued at home and abroad, and besides that, Sugarcane, Wuyi Science Journal, The East China Entomology Journal, Problems of Forestry Economics, and Theory and Practice on Forestry Higher Learning are also the publications of the university.

To meet the demands of teaching and scientific research, FAFU has set up its Computer Network Center, Test Center, Audio-visual Educational Center, Biotechnological Center and more than 80 laboratories of various disciplines. FAFU has also built more than 20 bases for cooperation and joint-construction, and 4 scientific and technological comprehensive demonstration zones in various localities of the province. Experimental plants and farms for teaching and research are strategically distributed on and off campus, of which teaching forest farms cover an area of 4700 hectares in total. FAFU's library has the reputation of being one of the first consultative stations for document retrieval of China's academic journals and one of the first innovation-searching stations identified by the Ministry of Agriculture. It has a collection of 1100 thousand volumes of books and 5600 periodicals in Chinese and other languages.

According to the Tenth Five-year Plan of the university, by 2005, FAFU is going to become a comprehensive university with distinguishing  advantages and features, at high level in teaching and scientific research, developing rapidly in both undergraduate education and graduate education, taking life science and environmental science as its priority and character, constructing engineering with the intersection of agro-engineering and science-engineering, and taking science, economics and administration as its key points of development. As a goal, FAFU should be taken as a base for training of innovation talents, knowledge innovation, advance of key technologies and invention of hi-tech.


Time to teach: Sep, 2006 - Jun, 2007

Location: Fuzhou City, Fujian Province

Students: University students

Period/week: 16 academic hours

Salary: 4000RMB per month

Airfare: 10000RMB as the International airfare for one academic year contract.

Apartment: a free apartment which includes 1 living room with a TV set, a telephone and air condition, 1 available bedrooms with air condition, a study room with a computer, a kitchen with a refrigerator and cooking appliance, 1 bathroom with a washing machine and a water heater;

FAFU will bear a part of the fee of telephone, water, electricity and gas. The quota of the fee of telephone is 50yuan (RMB) per month; the quota of the fee of water, electricity and gas is 200yuan (RMB) per month. The excess part of the fees for the telephone, water, electricity and gas will be taken away from the salary by FAFU every month

Vacancy: 10
Gender: Male, Female
Degree: Bachelor or beyond
Work Experience: At least 2 years
Nationality: American, British, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand

Contact: Ms Huaying Zhang; Mr Lan Chen

E-mail: fao@fjau.edu.cn; fao9208@sina.com

Tel/Fax: 0086-591- 83789208

Website: http://www.fjau.edu.cn

Address: Foreign Affairs Office, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University,
Fuzhou, Fujian 350002, People’s Republic of China 

If you are interested, you could also send your resume, copies of degrees,
passport and general photos to E-mail: fao@fjau.edu.cn; fao9208@sina.com