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Brief Introduction to Fuzhou City

Fuzhou, capital city of Fujian Province, is located in the eastern part of Fujian Province, on the lower reaches of the Minjiang River, facing the East China Sea and is separated from Taiwan Province by a strip of water. It is Fujian's political,economic and cultural center, and vital communica-tion line on the sea and a famous historical city of the country. It currently has two cities, five urban districts and six counties under its jurisdiction. It covers an area of 11,968 sq km and has a population of 5.62 million, including an urban area of 1,043 sq km and an urban population of 1.37 million.

During the Neolithic epoch about 5,000 years ago, ancestors began dwelling here by living on fishing and hunting. Fuzhou became a city on January 1, 1946, was liberated by the People'sLiberation Army on August 17, 1949 and has served as the provincial capital city since then.The Fuzhou area, which has reserves of wolfram, bauxite, silica sand, kaolin and many other deposits, has abundant rainfall and a warm climate that is ideal for the cultivation of paddy, citrus fruit, litchi, olive and other sub-tropical crops.

With financial revenue taking the seventh place as against the original 14th place, the city was included as one of the country's top 50 most powerful cities. Fuzhou has a number of development zones and industrial districts or parks in which overseas business people are building factories. One of the largest of ones is the Fuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone founded with the approval of the State Council in 1985. Already established in the zone are a bonded area, a number of industrial and other enterprises, many of which are jointly run by Chinese and overseas firms.

York School of Foreign Languages

York School of Foreign Languages can be found at No.137 Hubin Road ,next to Fuzhous'beautiful West Lake, We have ten full-time foreign teachers, all from English-speaking nations, and holding international teaching certificates (TESOL). More than two thousands students had been trained at our school. We have twelve classrooms, each room is about thirty square meters, and a CD Room in which students can play English VCD's and practise English with our excellent computer software.

You can gain valuable educational experience at York School , our unique eductional 3E theory "the best Environment, the rich Experience of our teachers and our excellent Extra curricular Activities", will help you improve your English skills in a short period of time.We only use text books written by English educational experts, and published by English Publishers, in addition to the extensive supplementary teaching materials to further improve your English skills.

You will be tested in oral English by one of our professional foreign teachers before starting your studies.This will ensure you are placed in the appropriate course level. Our communicative educational method in class maximises your opportunity to practise your listening and oral English. You will get a final exam which consists of 75 percent listening and oral English, with grammar and composition taking up 25 percent.

York School prides itself in the entensive curricular activities provided by our school , which can greatly improve your English skills. Each week we hold five to seven English activities from Monday to Sunday, including English Corner, Film Night, Music Night, Pronunciation practice and much more. As well as this we hold larger events, such as Barbecue and Outings.

At York School, we can provide the best environment for you to learn English, as well as finding out about different national cultures and traditions.

Welcome to York School !
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Address: No.137 Hubin Road
Contact Person: Jason
Telephone: +86-591-7877187
Fax: +86-591-7801560
Website: http://www.yorkenglish.com
E-mail: yorkschool@163.com, qqzhang@public.fz.fj.cn

Vacancy: 4 Full-time Teachers ( 6 month min.contract ).

Gender: M / F although we are particularly interested in applications from female teachers at this time.

Education: Tertiary ( Diploma, Bachelor's degree or Master's degree ).

Major: Linguistics / Literature, Eduacation, Art and Pedagogy are preferred.

Teaching Qualifications: Applicants should have a recognised TEFL ( TESOL or CELTA ) certificate.

Work Experience: At least two years teaching to monolingual classes.


Nationality: Applications will be accepted from native English speakers only from Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, U.S.A, South Africa.

Workplace: On site at York School or at clients premises (travel expenses provided).

Workload: Max.40 hrs per week includesc 24hrs contact (36 AC hours) plus up to 4 hours of extra-Curricular activities, promotions or administrative work, over a maximum of 6 days. Max.daily Workload 7.5 hours including preparation time.

Salary: 5000 RMB/Month negotiable depending on age, experience and qualifications. (Average monthly Income of local is about RMB 1,200)

Coures: General English to Adult, Senior and Junior learners, IELTS preparation courses, Business
English from Elementary to Upper Intermediate levels.

Air Fare: Return air ticket for 12 month contract teachers. One way for 6 month contracts.

Holiday entitlement: National holidays plus 15 days paid leave for 12 month contract teachers Or 7 days for 6 month contract teachers.

Internet use: Free unlimited ADSL internet connection is provided in the school's staff room.

Board: Free, furnished quality apartment, with telephone, TV, fridge and cooking equipment.

12 month contract teachers will also benefit from at least 4 paid school outings to places of local interest; beaches, mountins, temples, whitewater rafting etc. 6 month teachers will enjoy 2 such outings.

General Information: York School has established a position as market leader in the private Language school sector in Fuzhou. The school benefits from a marvellous location at the heart of the city, overlooking West Lake. The premises are purpose built and self contained on 5 floors, including a café bar for the use of our staff and students.

Our teachering staff have an extensive range of supplementary materials and resources for all levels to draw from. We pride ourseleves on the high quality and range of CD-ROM's which our students can use free of charge for the duration of their studies. We also run an extensive range of extra curricular activities to promote cultural awareness and further our students progress in listening and speaking skills.

Unlike most schools we maintain high academic standards. We do not operate a "no fail" policy at any level of study. Classes are restricted to a maximum of 16 students to ensure a high level of personal attention for our students.

York School is gearing up to expand the business into two other cities in Fujian province in the near future, so we are seeking to recruit serious, career minded individuals who wish to progress in their TEFL career, not opportunist travellers. We expect our teachers to be professional in their outlook and presentation and be quality aware, to provide the highest level of service to our customers.

Contact: Jason Zhang (School Director)

Tel: +86-591-7877187

Fax: +86-591-7801560

E-mail: yorkschool@163.com, qqzhang@public.fz.fj.cn

Website: http://www.yorkenglish.com

Address: York School of Foreign Languages, 137 Hubin Lu, Fuzhou, Fujian, China

Postcode: 350001