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Yang-En University


Yang-En University is seeking native English speaking teachers and productive scholars to fill the following teaching positions for the next Academic Year from September 1,2006 to July 5, 2007.YEU is a well-established university with over 12,000 students situated between a lake and mountains in a pollution-free area of south-east China in a sub-tropical zone. YEU has a large contingent of foreign teachers from around the world. YEU is the first private fully accredited university in China.

The modern campus and facilities cover an area of over 2,500 mu (168 hectares) of land with buildings of over 800,000 square meters; its sports fields cover over 200,000 square meters including three standard sports grounds with three 400-meter- plastic and polyester tracks and three standard football grounds; in addition, there are more than one hundred basketball courts and over twenty courts for volleyball, badminton and tennis. All the classrooms in the University have multimedia facilities for teaching and instruction. The University also has advanced network center, computer center, thirteen multimedia language teaching labs, fifteen language testing rooms, eight large multimedia lecture rooms with multifunction system, nineteen big computer laboratories and large analogue practice bases. To meet the needs of teaching and research, the University has an extensive library. There are also other facilities for sports, cultural and recreational activities, board and lodging, and medical services, etc. These conditions and environment, together with established school rules and regulations emphasizing the importance good of training, make Yang-EnUniversity an ideal place for acquiring knowledge and developing the students’ professional skills and character.

Qualified, experienced and committed teachers are invited from China and from overseas to join the existing faculty.Professors and associate professors account for approximately 60 per cent of the total academic staff. Foreign teachers make up approximately 20 per cent of all academic staff.

With the increase in size, the University now has 8 departments (Economics, Finance, Management, Law, Computer Science and Technology, Accounting, Information and Computer Science, Foreign Languages) with 18 majors (International Economics and Trade, Economics, Finance and Banking, Business Administration, Marketing, Law, Computer and Scientific Technology, Management of Information and Systems, Accounting, Financial Management, Information & Computer Science, Advertising, General Administration, Electronic & Information Engineering, Chinese Language and Literature, Public Finance, Statistics and English).

YEU puts emphasis on English, Computer Science and the Specializations.English lectures in all subjects account for up to 50 per cent of the total lectures.Experts and professors from a wide range of specialties are invited from the U.S.A., Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Foreign teachers with good academic credentials and degrees, or other special qualifications, play an important role in the University.


1.Business Administration

  • Management Information Systems
  • Economics
  • International Trade
  • Mathematics (Numerical analysis)
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Financial management
  • Computer Science
  • Economic Law

2. English (ESL – English as a Second Language)

  • Communication English (Listening and Speaking comprehension)
  •  English Major (Reading and writing)


Class Instruction requires an interactive rather than a lecture approach. Teachers are required to submit at the start of each semester a teaching plan and schedule for each or their classes.


1. MBA, PhD or equivalent advanced degrees, and preferably one or more years of teaching experience (or equivalent) for the Business Administration Faculty.

2. A Bachelor’s degree, TESOL, TEFL or ESL certificate, and preferably two or more year’s teaching experience (or equivalent) for ESL.


Employment Conditions for Foreign Teachers:

1.A modern air-conditioned, 1-bedroom furnished apartment (2-bedroom for a family) with color TV set, refrigerator, air conditioner, window screens, telephone, kitchen and bathroom, rent-free.

2.Airfare allowance of US$1,000 per academic year will be reimbursed at the end of the 10-month contract.(Note: US$750 for those from South East Asia countries)


3.Tax-free salary for the 10-month contract ranges from 45,000-60,000 RMB, paid monthly from September in 10 equal installments.

4.The salary is dependent on the candidate’s qualifications and teaching experience. Overtime money is paid monthly as incurred.

5.The teaching load is 12 hours/week for the Business Administration Faculty and 14-16 hours/week for the English Faculty. Teaching is within 8 a.m.-4 p.m. core hours Monday-Friday.

6.Spring Festival paid 3-4 weeks vacation in January.

7.Paid 9 days of public holidays.

8.Modern campus with technical teaching aids

9.Modern English textbooks and necessary facilities provided



Please visit our website at http://www.yeu.edu.cn/english.htm and click on our Foreign Teachers Welcome to Yang-En link for full information on our university, location, weather, and facilities. Or contact our coordinator Mr. Garry Griffin (Email: chinayeucan@yahoo.ca) for additional information regarding educational structure, teaching and contracts procedures.

You may complete our application form on the site, or fax/email us your resume. Please attach a copy of your degree(s), certificates, and passport photo page. We will require a recent reference from a prior employer or manager.

Fax: (0086-595) 2208-2017 Attention: Foreign Affairs.

Email: yeufao@mail.yeu.cn or yeuxb@mail.yeu.cn

Telephone: 0086-13960390099 direct when we will be pleased to answer your questions.

Mailing Address: Yang-EnUniversity, Quanzhou, Fujian 362014, China.