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Xiamen Foreign Language School


Xiamen Foreign Language School, founded in Dec.1981, is now one of the first-rate secondary and senior high schools in Fujian Province, China.

The school has two campuses and covers an area of 112,707m 2 with four buildings of 65,222m 2 .The campus consists of 3 classroom buildings, 2 laboratory buildings, a modern education technology center, 2 administrative office buildings, a library, an art center, a gym building, 3 students dormitory buildings, 2 dining hall buildings, an teachers dormitory and 2 apartment buildings for foreign teachers.

The school also has 12 well-equipped physics laboratories, 12 chemistry laboratories and 9 biology laboratories. In the multifunction building, there are language laboratories, audio-visual education classrooms. labour and technique education classrooms, computer classrooms, music and art education classrooms, computer classrooms, music and art education classrooms and 3 lecture theaters. They are all fully equipped. There is also a kilometer school network with about 500 terminals. The school libraries have a collection of 105,000 volumes.

On the playground there are a 200m and a 400m plastic cement track rings, an indoor track area, 8 basketball courts, 6 volleyball courts and 2 football fields.

At present, the school has 62 classes (divided into124 classes for English language teaching) with about 3000 students and 240 teachers including 37 senior teachers and 86 Rank-one teachers, and 36 staff members.

The school's chief aim is to turn out students with good foreign language skills and possessing extensive general knowledge for the institutions of higher learning in China. At the same time, the school also lays a solid foundation for developing students who are well educated, having and international knowledge of the today's world.

The school has an educational system of six-year's schooling (three years for junior high school and three years for senior high school). It enrolls new students for Junior One on the basis of competitive senior high school). It enrolls new students for Junior One on the basis of competitive selection in the whole area of the city. After they finish the junior level, most of them will continue their study except those who are not suitable for further development in the school as foreign language students.

The school adheres to the teaching policy of “Stress on English, equal importance to arts and science courses, and an all-round development” to deepen and push for the “education aimed at all-round development of students”. The school emphasizes the development of the student's ability in the English language. (A) It carries out the unified teaching plans of foreign language schools throughout the country. In addition, it uses original edition foreign textbooks as well as textbooks compiled and published by Ministry of Education of China. (B) English classes are conducted in small units (about 20 students. (C) It attaches importance to the utilization of modem educational technologies. (D) It has successively invited foreign teachers from various countries to come and teach in the school. (E) It offers an English-practising course to promote the development of the student's ability in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Since its founding, the school has gained great achievements with each passing year. The average total score, excellence rate and the assessment index for teaching quality came out at the top in the city's Junior Secondary School Graduating quality came out at the top in the city's Junior Secondary School Graduation Examination. The school's excellence rate in the Provincial Senior Secondary School Graduation Examination has been up to the criterion for the first-rate secondary schools in Fujian Province. The results of university entrance examination have been satisfactory. Since 1988, the average proportion of students entering universities or colleges has been above 85%. From 1996 to 2004,it was 99.05%(100%for 1996, 1999, 2003 and 2004). Lin Hui-bin , one of the graduates in 2000 in our school got first place in the college-entrance examination instituted for students of liberal arts in Fujian Province.

One after one, the school has received many honours: a civilized unit and a civilized school both in Xiamen and Fujian Province, an advanced unit in Fujian Province for the work done in passing on knowledge and enlightening people, an advanced unit for the achievements of our young teachers and for our audio-visual teaching. Also, the school was given the honor of being advanced units in Fujian Province for the comprehensive measures for maintaining law and order in the primary and secondary schools, another honour of implementing well the policy of “support the army and give preferential treatment to families of revolutionary army men and martyrs and support the government and cherish the people”, another honour for keeping the work of files in good order, and for our nationwide audio\visual teaching work, The school was also given an award for “good environment in the school” issued by the standing committee of the Fujjan Provincial People's Congress. The Party General Branch of our school was also selected as an advanced party organization at basic level in Xiamen.

Now, facing the school's strategic development, all the teaching personnel and students are working diligently and studying hard to make our school into and experimental and exemplary school with distinctive characteristics.

Vacancy: 2

Gender: Unspecified

Degree: Certification in middle school, bachelor

Major: Unspecified

Work Experience: Unspecified

Teacher or expert: Foreign Teacher

Age: 20-50

Nationality: American, British, Canadian, Australian

Language: English

Contract duration: One year

Starting date: Sep 2005

Working place: On campus

Workload: 18periods per week (45minutes per period)

Monthly salary (RMB): 3000-4000

Courses to teach: Spoken English

Air fare (RMB): 9000

Travel allowance (RMB): 1500 for one year

Meals: Cooking utensils provided

Habitation: On campus (Apartment)

Transport: School bus/ bus

Facilities in apartment: TV, telephone, air conditioner, furniture, fridge, kitchen, independent bathroom, internet broadband.

Surrounding facilities: 24h-service supermarket, Park, restaurant, internet bar, bus stop

Teacher Huang

Tel: +86-592-5110969

Fax: +86-592-5208179

E-mail: huangjlchen@sina.com.cn

Website: http://fls.edu.xm.fj.cn

Address: No.88 Hubin North Road, Xiamen City, Fujian China

Postcode: 361012