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Upon approval of the Ministry of Education of China, Guangzhou University (GU) was founded as a multi-disciplinary institution on July 11, 2000 by merging the tertiary institutions previously known as GuangzhouNormalUniversity, South China College of Construction, GuangzhouUniversity, GuangzhouJuniorTeachers College. As a comprehensive university, GU is affiliated to Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government and Guangdong Province Government, while the larger part of the University’s administration is subject to Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government.The university covers a total area of 131.7 hectares, with a building space of 596,000 square meters in GuangzhouUniversityTown. Its well-stocked library has a total collection of 1,960,000 books.

GU makes Guangzhou the basis of its development and involves itself in GuangdongProvince as well as the whole of China and the outside world. While the undergraduate program remains the dominant part of its operation, GU is fully committed to consolidating and expanding its postgraduate programs and international students program. The University comprises 18 schools and 6 colleges. The university is currently authorized to run 17 postgraduate programs. It also offers 62 undergraduate programs with a disciplinary coverage of 8 categories, including Principles of Education, Literature, Law, Science, Engineering, Management, and Economics.

As a university of a considerable size, GU has a teaching and research staff of 1220 including one academician of the ChineseAcademy of Sciences and one of ChineseAcademy of Engineering, 185 full professors, 543 associate professors, of whom 142 are PhD holders. The university’s current full-time postgraduates and undergraduates number 18,000. GU also enrolls students from overseas, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as well.

The university has up to 46 research institutes/centers specializing in a wide range of subjects including EarthquakeEngineeringResearchTestCenter, Institute for Material Research, Institute for Higher Education Research, HumanRightResearchCenter, ComputerNetworkCenter, Institute for Computer Science & Software Research, InternationalExchangeCenter of Mathematics & Artificial Intelligence etc.

Academic exchanges and cooperation with the outside world have always been an important part of the university. GU has so far established cooperative relationships in a wide range with universities and academic institutions in such countries as the U. S. A, Australia, France, Russia, Italy, South Korea, Japan, Switzerland, and the regions like Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao.

In order to adapt itself to the social and economic development in the new century, GU has formulated its“11th Five-Year Plan”. GU is now fully committed to the mission of developing itself into a modern, and comprehensive university with an orientation to teaching and research and makes an effort to be one of well-known universities, with a unique characteristic, and become a leading tertiary institution of its type in China.


International Student Education

1.Language Students: studying duration from 0.5 to maximum 2 years; school starts in every February and September. Students will be divided into classes at different Chinese language levels.

2.Undergraduate Students: 4-year program; school starts in every September (regarding the majors, please refer to the following annex or the school website:

3.Graduate Students: 3-year program; school starts in every September (majors refer to the following annex or the school website:

4.Research & Study Program: the contents, time and ways of research are subject to discussion.

Exchange Students Program: based on particular cooperation agreements

Qualification of Applicants

Student Type

Qualification of Applicants

Materials to be submitted

Language Students

Formal schooling of high

school level or higher

A. Final schooling certificate and schooling records (the copies should be notarized)



Formal schooling of high

school level or higher

A. Final schooling certificate and schooling records (the copies should be notarized)

B. Band Six above(students for liberal arts) or Band Three above certificates (students for sciences) of HSK examination (copies are acceptable)

Graduate Students

Bachelor's degree or the

equivalent educational level

A. Degree Certificate or Diploma

B. Recommendation letter from two scholars of associate professor or higher

C. Band Six or above certificate of HSK examination (copies are acceptable)

Research & Study


Bachelor's degree or reached

the equivalent educational


A. Final schooling certificate and schooling records (the copies should be notarized)

P.S. All applicants are requested to submit the following materials:

1.Guangzhou University Application Form of International Students;

2.Health Certificate and the Blood Examination Report

3.A copy of the applicant's passport, Final schooling certificate and schooling records (the copies should be notarized);

4.Application fee :50 USD or 400 RMB Yuan.(the application fee and all the applying documents are not refundable).

5.6 photos (5 photos for short-term program students) (passport size)

Time for Application and Test:

1.Undergraduates: before April 30 (study begins in September the same year);

2.Postgraduates: Application: before November 30 (study begins in September the next year) ; Test: in January the next year;

3.Students for Studying Chinese Language and Culture:

Spring semester: before November 30

Autumn Semester: before April 30

( after December 15 or May 15 the same year, the applicants will be informed whether the program will be run or not, depending on whether the number of the applicants are more than 10 or not)

4.Short-term studying projects:GZU is committed to conducting short-term training programs with universities and educational institutions. The particular aspects of the cooperation such as course arrangement, time and tuition fee are subject to the consultation between two parties. The minimum number for the program is more than 15 people. The organizations which are interested in this type of collaboration are welcome to discuss with our office about the matters of the collaboration 3 months beforehand.

5.Exchange students program: GZU also welcomes foreign universities to discuss matters concerning exchanging students.

Application Procedure

All applicants need to contact the International Office of Guangzhou University:

1.Get an application form from the International Office or download it from GuangzhouUniversity website. (

2.Submit to the International Office the following materials: the completed application form, a copy of your passport and final schooling certificate, as well as the application fee remit to the following bank account (please write the words of “application fee for international students” on the remitting bill of the bank) :

Account Name: GuangzhouUniversity

Bank:Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Branch (Zhengtong Road, Guangzhou)

Account Number:3602074109000603871

After the above-mentioned fee and materials are received, the university will review and decide on whether to admit the applicant or not. Admitted applicants will receive a letter of acceptance and a JW202 form for visa application. It requires at least 8 weeks from the application deadline for notifications of admission to be sent out. Within this period, we will do our best to inform you of any missing materials in the application. For applicants who submitted complete applications, we will evaluate the application and, if accepted, arrange necessary examination(s). If admitted, we will send you the admission notice as soon as possible, but due to some unexpected problems, we may be unable to reply your mails or e-mails promptly.

3.Admitted applicants will be sent a letter of acceptance and a JW202 form (for visa application) which is to be submitted to the local Chinese consulate or Embassy to process student visas for studying in China.

4.Admitted applicants need to take the letter of acceptance and the JW 202 form with them when they come to register in the International Office of GZU. If they are unable to get the visa on time, they are required to contact our Office for further arrangement .

Medical insurance:

GuangzhouUniversity requires all international students to have sufficient medical insurance throughout the duration of study. At minimum, the insurance must cover accidents and hospitalization. Students can either buy the insurance before coming to China, or else buy it here. Upon registration, foreign students should submit documentation of proof of coverage from their insurance companies (or other relevant bodies) to the university. This documentation must prove that they are covered for accidents and hospitalization within the duration of study. The said documentation should be in Chinese or English.


A.Tuition fee

Student Type

Liberal Arts

Science and Technology


Language Students




Undergraduate Students




Graduate Students




Research & Study Students

180 USD/month




Depends on different majors, proximately 20 to 50 USD/ person per semester


Room Type

Room Facilities


Twin Room

Bathroom, shower, telephone and internet access



Single Room

Bathroom, shower, telephone and internet access



D. Application and testing fee

100 USD or 820 RMB yuan/person for graduate students and 50 USD or 400RMB yuan per person for other types of students (all the fees are not refundable).

F. Food

With an IC card in the students’ canteen, about 1.5-3 USD per person per day

Study Duration and Certificates Offered

Student Type

Study Duration

Certificates Offered


Language Students

0.5-2 years


Passed grades

Undergraduate Students

4 years

Diploma/Bachelor's degree

Passed grades

Graduate Students

3 years

Diploma/Master's degree

Passed grades

Research & Study Students


Research Certificate

Passed grades

Those who attend lectures in Chinese need to learn one year of Chinese language if they did not know Chinese Language well enough and it's also necessary for them to get HSK Degree Certificate of Qualification or the similar certificate, for science or engineering undergraduate, at least HSK 3; for liberal arts students at least HSK 6.Majors and subjects for International Students

1.School of Humanities

1) Chinese Culture

2) Chinese History

2.School of Foreign Studies

1) Chinese Culture

2) English Language and literature

3.School of Law

1) Law of Human Rights

2) Civil Law and Commercial Law

4.School of Civil Engineering

1)Civil Engineering

2)Engineering for Water Supply and Drainage

3)Architectural Environment and Equipment Engineering

5.School of Information and Electro-mechanical Engineering

1) Computer Science and Technology

2) Electricity Engineering and Automation

3) Machinery Design,Manufacturing and Automation

6.School of Education

1) Education

2) Educational Psychology

7.School of Mathematics

1)Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

2) Information and Computer Science

8.School of Public Administration


9.School of News and Communication

Broadcast and News

10.School of Physics and Electricity Engineering

1)Physics Education

2) Electricity Information Science and Technology

3) Light Information Science and Technology

11.School of Economics and Management


2)Industry and Commerce Management

3)Human Resources

4) Engineering Management

5) Marketing

6) Logistics

12.School of Geography Sciences

Geography Science2)Geography Information System

13.School of Arts

1)Arts Education

2)Industry Design

3)Fine Arts

4) Commercial Arts

5) Costume Design

6)Arts Design by Computer

7) 3-D Animated Cartoon

8) Music Education9) Dancing

14.School of Bio-Chemical Engineering

1)Biological Science

2) Chemical Science

3) Technology for Chemical Industry

4) Food Engineering

15.School of Sports


Application Form for International Students


Contact:Ms. Cai yifan

Tel: 0086-20-39366230

Fax: 0086-20-39366236



Address: International Office, GuangzhouUniversity, Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, 510006 Waihuanxi Road, Guangzhou city, Guangdong province, the P.R.China