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Dongguan University of Technology, founded in April 1992, was ratified by Ministry of Education in March 2002 to start four-year undergraduate programs and entitled to confer the Bachelor’s Degree. Dr. Yang Zhenning, Nobel Laureate in Physics, is its honorary president, and Liu Shuji, the vice-chairman of CPC Dongguan City Committee, is the concurrent chairman of its Provisional CPC Committee. Dr. Yang Xiaoxi is its incumbent president, who is a professor in Energy Conservation, Enhancement of Heat and Mass Transfer and Chemical Engineering.

The university is located in Dongguan City, which is 100 kilometers away from Hong Kong. Its picturesque campus, covering an area of 100 hectares, is tastefully landscaped with lakes, green trees and colorful flowers. The architectural design of each building is considered as a masterpiece of art.

At present the university consists of 11 regular departments with seven subject areas, offering 18 specialties for four-year undergraduate programs, and 35 specialties for three-year professional training programs. Recently the university has established two new faculties: City College and School of Software. By now, the university has a re- cruitment of 10,000 full-time students nationwide and over 10,000 adult students. Most of the teaching staff and research staff have either Master’s degree or Doctor’s degree. Professors of international prestige have come one after another, engaged as our honorary professors, visiting professors or part-time professors.

The university has established a cooperative relationship with 18 national universities and a number of foreign universities in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. In the past few years it has cooperated with South China University of Tec- hnology in the intensive training program for MBA and Master’s Degree of software engineering. Besides, the university has st- arted a new project of “3+2 combination” and “4+1 combination” courses, helping students to obtain their Master’s Degree ei- ther in Brunel University or Queen Mary, University of London or other UK universities.

The developing DUT (Dongguan University of Technology) is working hard to turn itself into an important base for training ta- lents and original scientific research, cradle for transformation of achievements in scientific research. The university is on its way to being a famous local university.

Curriculum Provision

●  Four-Year Courses for Undergraduates

Computer Science and Technology

Software Engineering

Communication Engineering

Electronic Information Engineering

Optical Information Science and Technology

Machinery Design, Production and Automation

Civil Engineering

Engineering Management

Applied Chemistry

International Economy and Trade

Business Administration

Management of Human Resources

Chinese Language and Literature


Social Physical Education


● Courses for Three-Year Programs

Computer and Application

Electronic Information Engineering

Office Automation

Machinery Design, Production and Automation

Machinery Design, Production and Automation( Car Maintenance and Repair)


Industrial and Civil Architectural Engineering

Applied Chemistry ( Pharmaceutics )

Environmental Protection and Control

Commodity Inspection and Quality Control

Business Administration ( E-commerce )

International Business

Financial Accounting

Enterprise Management

Economic Law

Logistic Management

Administration for Industry and Commerce

Tourism Management


Social Business Administration

Chinese Language and Literature ( for Teacher Education )

Chinese Secretary

Chinese Secretary ( for Journalistic Service )

English ( for Teacher Education )

English ( for Foreign Trade )


Social Physical Education

View of Campus

Contract Terms

Different and unique:

To improve the listening and speaking ability of students, the program has been operating for six years and the intent is to provide a “summer camp” opportunity rather than an academic emphasis.

Our programs:

Spoken, conversational English

General information:

Accommodation: Teachers will stay in the Expert Building or hotel on the Dongguan University of Technology campus or another hotel nearby. Rooms have two beds, air-conditioner, local telephone and western bedroom.


If you teach here for summer camp, we will supply you round ticket. (From July 11 to August 8)

If you teach here for half a year, we will supply you one-way ticket.

If you teach here for one year, we will supply you round ticket.


The teachers are responsible for their own travel insurance and basic medical insurance will be paid the summer camp.


Depend on your education and teaching experience, you will get 5000-12000 RMB a month. Negotiatory.

1. Native English-speakers will be given preferential consideration.
2. Teachers with experience teaching in China are preferred.

3. Those with an English major or with TEFL certificate or educational background will be given preferential consideration.
4. Teachers with previous summer teaching experience are preferred.

Summer Camp Teacher Application

Contact Info

Contact: Tomas

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Fax: +86-769-2680900

E-mail: yhmao@dgut.edu.cn

Website:  http://www.dgut.edu.cn


Address: No.251 Xue Yuan Road, Dongguan, Guangdong

Postcode: 523106