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Huizhou University


Huizhou University is a comprehensive university authorized to award bachelor degrees by the Ministry of Education of the PRC.

There are two campuses: 

Fenghu Campus, although located in the centre of Huizhou, is a sanctuary of green trees and red-brick buildings surrounded by the famous West Lake. With a background of scenic hills, the natural beauty of the landscape is reflected on the tranquil waters of the lake.

Jinshanhu Campus is located near Jinshan Lake on the edge of the Huizhou city zone. Encircled in a landscape of green hills, shady trees and perfumed flowers, the modern buildings create an excellent environment for teaching, research and study.

The total area of Huizhou University is about 1.72 million M2, comprising a school area of 278,000 M2, construction area of 35,000 M2, green area 113,000 M2 with a 52% distribution ratio. Huizhou University has been awarded the title of “Garden School” by the Huizhou Government.

Huizhou University has recently spent 46 million RMB on state of the art teaching apparatus and equipment, and its new library contains over 700,000 volumes including 1,200 categories of newspapers and periodicals.

There are over 8,000 diploma and degree students, 8,000 adult educational students and over 2,000 network-study students registered with the University. The staff has more than 400 professional teachers including about 140 professors and associate professors and 130 teachers with a Doctorate, or Master degree.

The 13 departments of the University are Chinese Literature, Political and Law, Economic Management, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Computer Science, Electronic Science, Chemical Engineering, Life Science, Textiles, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Physical Culture and Art Education at Huizhou University, Adult Education College, Architecture Programming and Design Institute, Higher Education Laboratory and Raffles International College.

The University publishes a periodical “The Huizhou University Journal”.

Huizhou University currently offers 24 Degree Majors: International Economics and Trade, Financial Management, Marketing, Philosophy & Politics, Administrative Management, Physical Education, Chinese Language and Literature, Media, English Language and Literature, Art and Design, Mathematics & Applied Mathematics, Information Management and Systems, Physics, Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Biology, Horticulture, Electronic Information Science and Technology, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Electronics Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Network Engineering, Architecture, Textile Design and Manufacture.

There are also 10 diploma Majors including Law, Tourism Management and Music.

Huizhou University has a modern library with a building area of 12,000M2.The library contains fully-equipped laboratories, a computer centre, education centre with electrical aids, a network & information center.

Huizhou University has research facilities with advanced equipment for study into science, technology and teaching method. As well, there are about 70 teaching and practical placements off-campus.

The University provides comfortable student living quarters and extensive sports facilities.

Huizhou University has over 30,000 graduates whose education is continually praised by their subsequent employers.

Based on a combined effort towards the educational aims of the university, Huizhou University can develop as an outstanding leader in science, technology and adaptable systems in the social-market economy.

Huizhou University utilizes its three functions of teaching, scientific research and social service to raise money for the university’s development in various ways; to assist development of university construction, carry on the working policy of innovation and promote the ideals of “evolution by non-proportion, spanning and overtaking” and “Running Huizhou University according to fixed rule, academic freedom, democraticmanagement and increased benefit to all”.


Huizhou city is the focus of many large-scale electronics enterprises such as TCL, Desay and Macat.The CSPC petroleum refinery program is in construction near Huizhou.

Thus, as Huizhou develops into one of China’s leading modern petrifaction and digital cities, Huizhou University can actively serve as a cradle for talent in Huizhou’s social and economic development.


Vacancy: 10

Gender: M / F

Degree: Bachelor, Master, Ph.D.

Work Experience: Unspecified

Teacher or expert: Teachers or experts

Age: 20-60

Nationality: American, British, Canadian, Australian,Japanese

Language: English, Japanese

Contract duration: one year

Starting date: Sep.2006

Working place: On campus

Courses to teach: Conversational English, Oral English, Reading, Writing, British & American literature, Japanese, economics, international trade,Busness English

Air fare (RMB): 5000 yuan/one year , 2500 yuan/half one year

Travel allowance (RMB): 2200 of one year contract; 1100 of half one year contract.


Posts Available for International Teacher (English Native Speakers):

  • English Literature
  • English Oral Communication or TESOL
  • Japanese
  • Economics/International trade/MBA

HuiZhou University is located beside the beautiful West Lake and the jinshan Lake in the center of HuiZhou city.

HuiZhou University will arrange for the foreign teacher to live in an apartment on campus with full kitchens, a TV, a refrigerator, a washing machine, a shower heater, an air conditioner, Internet and necessary furniture. The invited party shall enjoy Chinese medical service in accordance with China’s medical system if he/she goes to the school clinic.


Teaching periods one week: 20periods(45 minutes one period, including 2 for joining English corner each week)

  • Salary:5000-6000RMB(Based on the education and experience)plus 60RMB for water andelectricity rates, 150RMB for traffic allowance,and 50RMB for telephone bill.
  • About Holidays:1)3.5-4 weeks for winter vacation, 6-7 weeks for summer vacation; 2)Labour’s Day 7 days off; 3)National Day 7days off; 4)Saturday and Sunday; 5)Christmas or Easter

Other benefits:

  • Free multiple-entry visa and residence permit.
  • Free simple medical care in our university’s clinic for teachers.
  • Free internet service in the apartment and office.

Interested candidate should fax or post his/her job application, resume/CV, education certificate(including diploma photocopy), reference letters from two professional referees, passport photocopy and 8 photos.

Contact: Zhu Chunqiao

Tel: 86-752-2527891

Fax: 86-752-2529489 & 86-752-2121924

E-mail: cqzhu@hzu.edu.cn

Website: http://www.hzu.edu.cn

Address: Foreign Affairs Office, HuiZhou University, HuiZhou, GuangDong, PRC

Postcode: 516001