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Guangzhou Nanyang International School


Guangzhou Nanyang International School was established in May 1993 and is located in the north of Guangzhou, where it is famous for warm spring with a quiet and beautiful environment and is about 45 kilometers away the center city of Guangzhou.

Approved by the Educational Committee of Guangzhou, it is a full time boarding private school including a kindergarten, a primary school, a high school, a trailing department of preparation for study abroad and its diplomas are recognized by the state. As early as in 1994 the school is honored "Chinese Number One"--the First Bilingual School in China, by the Development and Research Center of the State Council. The school has a whole sets of education and living facilities including a science building, a library, a youth palace, a ten-story multi functions office building, a large dinning hall (one special dining hall for foreign teachers and the school leaders only), two sports ground (one is standard, the other is 250 meters),two standard swimming pools (one is for the kids, the other is for the adults), a 1200-square meter gym,10 students'dormitories,6 dormitories for the teacher and staff members and a school hotel(only for the school guests and the foreign teachers who teach in the school).

The school motto, "JUST, STRICT, RESOURCEFUL, MODERN", shows its aim of fostering high quality persons who will be developed in all-round ways and suitable for the new century. The name of the school "International School" means that the Chinese students can continue their studies in every country in the world and the young kids in other countries of the world can also study Chinese, English, and other subjects in our NANYANG INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL. Now there are many young kids from other countries and areas studying here. Also, the school has an excellent group of teachers including professors, associate professors, teachers with degree of masters and doctors, state-rank excellent teachers, about 10 of experienced foreign teachers from America, England, Australia, Canada, New Zealand. And the general-school principal-Mr.Li zhengui, honored "Educational Expert" by the State council, once worked as principal in a provincial key school for 18 years and also he graduated from English section of Huazhong Teachers'University.

With 10 years experience, the school has opened up a way of Nanyang features. It emphasized English teaching, bilingual lessons, practicing in form of kindergarten to the preparation department. Moral education is considered to be a basic item, so the school carries on the policy of "strengthening the administration, each of the whole staff is responsible for the students education." It also makes the most of closed-campus administration, and works hard to build the school a processing factory to produce modem talented persons who will have abilities of independent, self-study and creation.

Now the school is getting larger, stronger and better reputation all the way, and has been in the track of continuous development, and will leap forward to the direction of internationalization.

Vacancy: 5

Gender: M / F

Degree: Bachelor, Master

Major: linguistics/ literature

Work Experience: at least one year or two years

Teacher or expert: teacher

Age: 20-50

Nationality: American, British, Canadian, Australian

Language: English

Contract duration: one year

Starting date: Sep.2003 (Time to arrive: Aug.29, 2003)

Working place: on campus

Workload: 18-20 class hours per week, including English activities (45 minutes per class hour)

Monthly salary (RMB): 4000-6000

Courses to teach: conversational English, oral English, reading, writing

Air fare (RMB): round trip for one-year contract

Monthly telephone allowance (RMB): local call are free

Meals: In a special dinning room (3 meals a day)

Free Chinese course: 2 class hours per week

Board: in the school hotel (inside the school)

Contact: Miss Lin / Mr. Gong Wei

Tel: +86-20-87826456 (Miss Lin) or 87828568 (Mr. Gong Wei)

Fax: +86-20-87826538

E-mail: lzgxfhb@yahoo.com

Website: http://www.nyschool.org.cn

Address: Guangzhou Nanyang International School, Guangdong, China

Postcode: 510980