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Guilin University of Electronic Technology (GUET)


Guilin University of Electronic Technology (GUET) is one of the fastest-growing and most successful universities in China, with a national and international reputation for high standard of its teaching and research. The university is located in Guilin, a world famous tourist city with an area of 145.2 acres. Its beautiful campus provides a good environment for studying and research. The university has a distinguished faculty of 900 professors and lecturers in all disciplines. Currently it has 13, 000 students from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and overseas.

The academic units in the university includes 16 schools or departments, offering 50 undergraduate programs, 11 postgraduate programs, 6 state funded programs and 8 provincially funded programs. The university also provides excellent facilities and support services with its 18 research institutes, 14 experimental centers, 1 workshop and 5 state funded laboratories. GUET offers a wide range of courses in electronic information technology, engineering, management, science, arts and education. Interdisciplinarity is a strong feature at GUET. The structure of academic units and the curriculum encourages collaboration and exploration across traditional disciplinary boundaries. GUET is the first institution in GuangXi to practise the credit system. The project of Network Based Teaching Quality Management and Supervisory System have won the second prize in the State's Teaching Assessment. The university offers very flexible modules to both full-time and part-time students leading to diplomas (certificate), bachelor degree and master degree. Some professors of the university can also offer doctorial programs to distinguished students. These programs have been very practical and vigorous. GUET Net was among the earliest university networks in China to connect to the rest of the world, using the China Education and Research Network. Today the network covers the whole university ensuring efficient and effective management and easy, convenient office work. With the Internet, staff members and students can easily exchange information home and abroad, and on-line distance learning becomes available. For the past 40 years, GUET has been taking pains to improve the quality of its education, and has won a good reputation for its excellent teaching combined with first-rate research. The university's culture, featured by honesty, teamwork, motivation to succeed, and creativity, has always been encouraging to people within and around GUET. The university also endeavors to enhance education in humanities and the development of students' creativity. In the National Electronic Design competition 2001 we are proud to count the highest prize Sony Cup, three first prizes and one second prize. So far, GUET students have demonstrated their knowledge skills and ability in many national competitions. Among all universities in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, GUET has always ranked first in the Mathematics Examination, National Computer Skill Test, and National College English Test. The university has been carefully developing programs to meet the needs of employers, and to work with businesses to provide students with relevant, practical teaching that greatly enhances career prospects. Each year about 95 of its graduates get their jobs immediately after graduation. Staff research interests are very extensive, including innovation, theoretical research, and technology development. Staff are currently engaged in a variety of pioneering projects funded by the State National Science Foundation, National Defense Foundation, the State's "863" Foundation, and the like. GUET's research strengths are found in machatronic integration, mobile telecommunications, automation, adaptive signal processing, testing technology, computer networking, image transmitting and processing, application of multi-media technology and material engineering. The university believes that inter-university cooperation is important for a university's development and its students' personal and academic growth. It has set up close links with 15 universities in American, France, Japan, Australia and some other countries in the areas of teaching, research and exchange.

On 19 November 1990, Mr. Jiang Zemin, president of People's Republic of China, visited GUET . He encouraged us to educate more qualified engineers and managerial talents for the development of China's electronic industry. Currently, GUET is constructing doctorial programs as well as restructuring and developing other programs. The major tasks are aiming at higher level's and better quality in teaching and research, and educating people who have good understanding of their academic areas, rich knowledge of natural and social sciences, good communicative and interpersonal skills, and who are capable, creative, responsible, and highly motivated to succeed. GUET is making greater efforts to consummate engineering, management, science, arts, and education while continuing to develop its strong area in electronic information technology. Interdisciplinary research is emphasized. With our efforts and supports from around the world, GUET is progressing towards perfection.

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