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Haikou College of Economics and Vocational Technology is a new-styled, full-time college characterized with economic (public) managerial and distinctive majors. It has had 30-odd years of history.

The college campus covers an area of 550 Mu (It equals 91 acres), and the construction area is 300 thousand square meters. The college is highlighted by the grandiose Teaching buildings, Art Building, Foreign Language Building, Training Building, Library, Exhibition Hall, Theater, Studio Broadcast Halls, Music Hall, Tracks and Field Playground, Logistic Service Center, and Drivers’ Training Center. There are 250 labs catering to special training of computer, language, broadcasting, models, artistic designs and creativeness, finance and accountancy, mimic security bonds, mimic air service, and computerized office work. The expenses for teaching facilities are up to 60 million RMB, stores 800,000 books, and the total set asset of the college is 600 million RMB.

Under the management of the college are 3 Second-Level Institutes: Business Management & Economics , Tourism, Arts; 5 Departments: Foreign languages, Computer, Applied Technology, Basic Courses and P.E. Teaching. These Institutes and Departments offer 42 majors that cover 9 categories of subjects or branches: Finance & Economics, Traffic & Transportation, Tourism, Electronic Information, Artistic Designs & Broadcasting, Culture & Education, Public Security, Civil Engineering, Manufacture.

The college owns 11,040 boarding students, and 895 teachers, among whom 500 are full-time, and 150 are high-titled.

The College has been ranked among the top colleges of the 17 universities and colleges in Hainan, for its nice campus, reputation of strict school management and good teaching quality. By the end of 2005, the college passed the Quality Evaluation For Vocational Colleges, conducted by the State Educational Ministry, and was honored with “Excellent”. With the concerns and supports of the Provincial Party Committee and government, the college is now applying for an upgrade to be a four-year university.

Our college is growing and improving rapidly and has many links with America, England, Canada, and Australia.We already have foreign teachers and students from several countries and we hope that many students from all over the world will be able to share in the bright future of our college. We would value your teaching here and ensure that you feel very welcome during your stay here.

(For more information, you are welcomed to visit the college website: http://www.hkc.edu.cn)


Contract Terms

Vacancy: English teachers: 6-8

Japanese teachers: 1-2

Degree: Bachelor or above

Working experience: over one-year teaching experience

Age: 22-60

Native Language: English or Japanese

Nationality: American, British, Canadian, Australian, or Japanese

Work City: Haikou

Work place: College campus

Contract duration: six months, one year, or longer.

Required arrival time: August 20 - September 1, 2006

Work Requirements: 18 lessons per week (18 classes of 50 minutes each), plus 2 hours of conversational English or Japanese at English/Japanese corner one evening a week. Each extra class taught would increase salary at a rate dependent on prior qualifications.

Monthly salary: 3500RMB minimum depending on prior education, work experience, teaching experience, professional ability etc.

Salary during holidays and national vacations: minimum of 40 days paid vacation a year.

Courses to teach:

For English teachers: English majors (British and American Literature, Business English, or Tourism English) or non-English majors ( Public English),

For Janpanese teachers: Major in Japanese Literature and Education, teaching spoken Japanese, Japanese culture and Japanese writing (with non-Japanese major).

Travel allowance: 2300 RMB per year, plus round trip airfare to home country after completing a one-year contract (if you do not go home the College will give you the amount that your ticket would have been in cash)

Lodging: Free furnished apartment on campus

Water and electricity benefit: Utility bill will be paid up to 500 RMB/Month. This usually covers the cost.

Please provide the following information and documents in full, as soon as you decide to teach here:
1.Your full CV/Resume.
2. A copy of your Degree, Diploma, Certificate, or Transcript.
3. A copy of the data page of your valid passport.
4. A copy of your completed physical exam form (You must use the form from the Chinese Consulate web site)
5. Two letters of recommendation from any two people
6. Large picture of yourself (JPEG image by Attachment).
7. The earliest date that you could definitely arrive in Haikou.

For overseas students:

Admission Qualification

1.College Program:

(a). Three Year Education Program: The applicant must be a higher school graduate

(b). Five Year Education Program: The applicant must be a middle school graduate Note: Both of these applicants should be capable of studying his/her specialized courses in Chinese, be well behaved and in good health. Please apply to Haikou College of Economics and Vocational Technology for admission. Acceptance is decided via a screening process. If s/he is not capable of studying specialized courses in Chinese, s/he is first expected to study Chinese for one year, and then continue his/her College studies after passing an exam (the HSK test.) 

2. Language Programs:

(a).Long-term Program for Chinese Language

The applicant between 16 to 60 years old should be in good health and well behaved.Study time: One year or above.

(b).Short-term Program for Chinese Language


The applicant between 16 to 60 years old should be in good health and well behaved.Study time: One to twelve weeks.

(c).Course Details
Subjects: Chinese language, Chinese history, Chinese culture etc.

The course integrates visits, investigations and tours into class syllabus according the requirements of the student.

Short-term Program Curriculum Timetable








Chinese Lesson

Free Time

Free Time

Free Time:
1.Calligraphy Lesson

2.Acrobatics show
4.One day tour
5.Chinese party

6.Taiji Boxing


Chinese Lesson

Learn to sing Chinese songs

Free Time


Chinese Lesson

Free Time

Free Time


Chinese Lesson

Lecture on Chinese Culture

Free Time


Chinese Lesson

Free Time

Free Time

Standard Fees
1. Tuition Fee (per person)
Language student: Long-time US$ 1500/year,
Short-time US$ 70/week

College student:

  • Three Years Program: US$1733/year
  • Five Years Program:①In initial two years: US$1238/year

②The last three years: US$1733/year

2.Application Fee:US$30/year

3.Registration Fee: US$ 50/year

4.Teaching Material Fee: US$ 50/year

Note: Above fees should all be paid in total in one installment to finance department. 

5.Accommodation Fee:

Application may live in or outside of school site. If s/he lives in school, the charges should be paid as follows:

A. Single Room: US$50/ month or US$3/day

B.Water & Electricity Fees: There is a single water meter and ammeter in one room. Charges for electricity and water of the room have to be taken care of by the students themselves. The Charges should be paid completely before the 5th of each month. 

6.Boarding Expenses:

The expenses have to be paid by the students themselves. The food costs about US$2 per person per day. There is Cafeteria next to the Students Building on campus.

Note: All fees should be paid in USD or RMB upon registration. No refunds are available. 

Certificates Offered

  • College program: College students will be conferred diploma and related certificates by Haikou College of Economics and Vocational Technology after they pass the related examinations and obtain adequate credit hours.

Chinese language program: Students who take part in Chinese language program and Non-degree program will be conferred related certificates by Haikou College of Economics and Vocational Technology after they pass the related final examination.


Contact Info

Contact: Mr Quan Jian Gang, Miss Chen Zhu-an
Tel: +86-898-65325060
Fax: +86-898-65376910
E-mail: hkxywsc@126.com, jiangang_quan@hotmail.com
College website: www.hkc.edu.cn
Address :Foreign Affairs Department, Haikou College of Economics and Vocational Technology, No.2 Wentan Road, GuoXing Street, Haikou City, Hainan Provice, China Postcode: 570203