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Hainan Normal University


Hainan Normal University, founded in the autumn of 1949, is the oldest institution of higher learning in Hainan. It is located in Haikou, a beautiful tropical island city rich in natural wonders and a well-known holiday resort for seashore tourism. Enveloped in green trees and woods, the campus is beautiful and pleasant with coconut breeze and fragrance everywhere, and it is referred to as the Garden University of Haikou City.

Hainan Normal University is a sole university under the administration of Hainan province for teacher education. It is also the educational base of Chinese language approved by the overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the state council. The university also accommodates the Secondary School Teacher’s Continuation Education Centre of Hainan province, the Training Centre for Higher Learning Institution.

Hainan Normal University lays great emphasis upon discipline construction, and sets up a curricular system with characteristics of teacher training, educational science, pure science and humanities. Currently, the university has 13 departments, 5 public departments, 17 graduate programs and 36 undergraduate programs, 5 provincial key disciplines, 2 provincial key laboratories.

Hainan Normal University enrols students from 28 provinces (municipalities or autonomous regions), it has now a student population of over 20000 and about 100 foreign students. The graduates are well received by the society because of their solid foundations, high quality and strong competence. The university has about 800 full-time teachers, 92 professors and 214 associate professors. In addition, a lot of foreign experts are employed for teaching. The university library is the largest library and information centre in HainanProvince.

Hainan Normal University has taken the initiative and make constant efforts in promoting international academic communication and cooperation in the fields of culture and education. In September 1988, the university, approved by the State Education Department, has the right to recruit foreign students. Up to now, it has established friendly organizations in different countries and regions, such as the USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, exchanging visiting scholars and student, promoting academic exchanges and jointly running courses. In addition, many members from The World Hainan Youth Winter/ Summer Camp of Culture Science & Technology, Singapore Youth Long Journey Team take culture exchange with Thailand students every year.

Overseas Chinese from all over the world contribute to the growth of the Hainan Normal University. Mr. Tian Jiabing donated Tian Jiabing Education Building , Mr. Shao Yifu donated Yi Fu Art Building, Mr Huang Huakang donated Huang Huakang Stadium and Huang Huakang scholarship, Mr Li Changdun donated Li Yongbiao & Li Oushi Study, Mr Li Xingfu established Top Poverty Students Scholarship and Top Student Scholarship,Taiwan Jing KongMonk established XiaoLian Scholarship, etc.

In the new century, the university sets a goal to reshape itself to be comprehensive in curricula and research-oriented with distinctive feature, it is taking a leading position in teacher training in Hainan and making its greatest efforts to contribute itself to Hainan education, culture, economic construction and social progress. With the encouragement and support of the government and society, Hainan Normal University is to build itself into a provincial key normal university, both teach-oriented and research-oriented, drawing considerable attraction from the national institutions kind.


Vacancy: 3

Gender: Unspecified

Degree: Bachelor, Master

Major: Linguistics/literature, Education-related

Work Experience: One year

Teacher or Expert: Foreign Teacher, Expert Teacher

Age: 25-60

Nationality: American, British, Canadian, Australian

Language: English,

Contract duration: One year

Starting time:Sep. 2006

Working place: On campus

Workload: 18 periods per week (45 minutes per period)

Monthly salary (RMB): 2200-3300( bachelor ),3300-4500( master )

Courses to teach: Spoken English, reading, writing, American and British literature

Air fare (RMB): 10,000 Yuan RMB as world travel expense for one-year-contract fulfillment

Travel allowance ( RMB ): 2200 of one year contract

Meals: Cooking utensils provided

Habitation: On campus

Transport: Bus,walk

Boarding:Apartment(two bedrooms,one living room)

Facilities in apartment: TV, telephone, furniture, fridge, kitchen, independent bathroom.

Note:the apartment is equipped with air-conditioner;but the fee for broadband network and electricity bills should be paid by self.

Surrounding facilities: 12h-service supermarket, park, cleaners, restaurant, internet bar, bus stop

Others: 1.During worktime,770 Yuan RMB for personal accident insurance will be offered by the school for foreign teachers (experts) (below sixty-four years old)

2.Couple should offer maniage certification

Application Procedure for Foreign Teacher

I.Email or fax materials required for application as below.

  • Application form for teaching at HainanNormalUniversity.
  • Resume
  • Bachelor Degree or above and other certificate on teaching.
  • Passport information to those foreign teacher are working in china now, please also provide.
  • Residence permits with the page of date of valid.
  • Foreign expert certificate
  • Recommendation letter issued by department which is dealing with the affairs of foreign teacher. This letter should be printed by formal letter paper and signed by the responsible person of the department with the stamp and contact way.

    II.Phone interview or other possible way to communicate and then discuss the detail contract information once both sides are satisfied.

    III. Applicant provides all the necessary documents as below to the university for applying for the Z—visa application and working permit:

  • Foreign Experts working permit Application Record.
  • Physical exam record (with the designated the form of physical by local Chinese Embassy or consulate).
  • 10 pieces of 2 inch size picture
  • IV. Sign the contract.

    V. The university applies for the Z—Visa application and working permit and mail to the applicants.

    VI. Applicants apply for the Z—Visa to China in local Chinese Embassy by the university.

    VII. Applicants retest the physical exam in Hainan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau with all the related documents taken form the hospital.

    VIII. Sign the formal contract .And the university would apply for the Foreign Expert Certificate and Residence Permit within one month of the entry to China.

    That is the end of all employment procedure.


Contact person: Mr. Fu Jiming




E-mail:fjm@mail.hainnu.edu.cn or hainan1949@126.com

Address:Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office

Hainan Normal University

No. 99 Longkun South Road, Haikou, Hainan

571158, People’s Republic of China