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Chengde Petroleum College, which once belonged to the China National Petroleum Corporation, is jointly sponsored and managed by the local and central Hebei Provincial Government. The central mission of the college is to promote the Technical and Engineering Departments, as this is the construction model for colleges of higher engineering set by the State Education Commission.

Our college is one of the oldest colleges in China. It originally grew out of "Beiyang Crafts School" and was founded in the City of Tianjin in 1903. In 1958, it moved to the historical city of Chengde where we presently reside. Chengde City is famous for its scenic beauty, cultural and historical background, and is only 200km away from Beijing, the capital of China.

Chengde Petroleum College is an experimental unit where the State Educational Scientific Research Network implements and experiments with new teaching methods. This link with the State Educational Scientific Research Network ensures a powerful CIA teaching standard and access to advanced experimental research. As a result, our college has undertaken many state patents and provincial rewards. In addition, we maintain close contact and cooperation with more than 20 domestic companies about the integration and production of teaching methods to insure advanced practical training.

We make constant evdeavors to be one of the top colleges among engineering schools of higher learning. And, through the collective contributions of our college's staff and supporters, we have established a good reputation among the companies engaged in our fields of study. As a result, our graduates can be found in numerous fields of industry aside from Petroleum.

Chengde Petroleum College is composed of seven departments: Mechanical, Automobile, Electrical and Electronics, Computer, Thermal, Chemical and Management Engineering. Among these seven departments, we have thirty-one majors for students to choose from. Each of these seven departments is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, which provide a good basis for comprehensive training and educational development. We have on-site training basis for welding, electrical engineering, electronics, computer and network, automobile and diesel engine technology, modern machinery, thermal engineering, industry test and control, and fine chemical engineering.

At present, our campus covers a total area of 13.28 hectars, and the residence buildings belonging to the school cover a total of 110 thousand square meters. The total fixed assets of the college exceeds 117 million yuan. Among them, the total value of instruments and equipment for teaching scientific research exceeds 40 million yuan. In addition, our library is the state's secondary service centre of CNKI. The library currently has over 600,000 books and 1500 domestic and foreign periodicals.

Currently, there are 609 teachers and staff members employed by the school, among which, there are approximately 190 professors and associate professors. At present, one-third our teaching staff has a Masters or Doctorate Degree. In addition, our college engages foreign teachers from America and Canada every year.
In recent years, our college has introduced overseas training for our teachers in order to promote advanced studies and academic exchange. The studies have included academic exchange programs with America, England, Japan, and Russia. At present, there are 6,000 formal students enrolled in the 2002 school year. By 2005, we anticipate between 7,000 and 8,000 students.

Our college's motto has been unity, diligence, rigor, and practicality. We continuously exceed the educational reform and teaching standards and make positive attempts to seek out new models for cultivating a learning environment. This has resulted in a good reputation for our graduates, due to the educational reform and teaching standards that have made our college recognize among institution s of higher learning.

In addition to oil companies, our graduates are employed by many of the top domestic and joint-enterprises. Each year these companies send their recruiters to select our graduates.

Our graduates are popular among the top enterprises for their down-to-earth theory, knowledge, engineering skills and sense of creativeness.

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Contract Terms

Vacancy: 3

Teacher or Expert: teachers

Nationality: USA, UK, Canada, Australia

Age: 25-55

Education: bachelor

Contract time: one year

Courses: spoken English

Workload: 16 hours / week

Monthly salary (RMB): 4,000

Air fare (RMB): round trip for one-year contract

Annual travel allowance (RMB): 2,200 for one-year contract

Free boarding: apartment

Meals: cooking untensils provided

Boarding place: on campus

Place of position (city): Chengde

Place of position (province): Hebei

Time to teach: Sept.1, 2003


Contact Info

Contact: Fan Yingang

Tel: +86-314-2157250-6488

Fax: +86-314-2157486

E-mail: fanyingang@163.net

Website: http://www.cdpc.edu.cn

Address: Chengde, Hebei, China

Postcode: 067000