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Northeast Agricultural University (NEAU)


The Northeast Agricultural University (NEAU) was established in 1948 and was first called Northeast Agricultural College. In 1994 it was renamed NEAU.

NEAU has the following 8 disciplines: Agricultural, Engineering, Science, Management, Economics, Education, Arts and Laws. There are 3 national key disciplines, 2 key disciplines of Agriculture Department, 18 provincial level key disciplines, and 6 post - doctoral programs covering 16 doctoral directions, 33 master programs, and 46 undergraduate programs. Training Department of the State Soy Bean Engineering Research Center and a key opening laboratory of Ministry of Agriculture, and a key laboratory of Ministry of Education about Dairying Science are located on the campus. The biology has become the National Nature Science Base for Basic Science Research and Intellectual Education.

There are 2 departments, 19 faculties with a total staff number of 900, including 129 professors and 211 associate professors. There are 2 Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Science with one specially­ - appointed professor of Cheung Dong Scholars Program. Currently NEAU consists of 32,650 students.

NEAU adheres to the guiding principle of running a school openly. The university has established links with over 40 universities and research institutes from USA, Japan, Russia, etc. There are 124 foreign students in NEAU. It has been progressively forming a characteristic of international contacts mainly with Northeast Asia and has become one of the doors of China to exchange knowledge in Agriculture education and science & technology with those countries in Northeast Asia.

Today, taking the great opportunities of the “the tenth five-year-project” and “211 project”, NEAU, with full confidence, is dedicating their concerted efforts progressing moving towards the goal of making the university to be the first among the schools of the same kind and to enjoy certain popularity in the world.

One academic year here include two terms. One is from March 1 to July 25; another is from September 1 to January 25. The teachers can work here one year or more.

The teacher will be expected to teach 16-18 periods (approximately 45 minutes for each) per week, including a selection of: (English Majors, Graduate students, Doctorate students, Chinese English teachers, English Club, and lecture on native country).

The teacher will have monthly salary from 2900 Yuan RMB to5000Yuan RMB, according to his or her degree and teaching experience. If she or he works here for one year, the foreign teacher will enjoy one-month paid vacation, round way traveling expense and have 2200 yuan RMB as a traveling allowance.

The teacher will enjoy free lodging, that is an apartment with two rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom (shower only). They can eat at the cafeteria on campus or cook by themselves. The apartment has necessary furniture including a T.V., a clothes washing machine, a refrigerator, a bookshelf and a wardrobes etc.

Vacancy: 4

Gender: unspecified

Degree: Bachelor, Master

Work Experience: one year or over

Teacher or expert: teacher

Age: unspecified

Nationality: American, British, Canadian, and Australian

Language: English

Contract duration: one year

Starting date: Jul.2007

Working place: on campus

Workload: 16-18 class hours per week (45 minutes per class hour)

Monthly salary (RMB): 2900-5000

Courses to teach: conversational English, oral English, reading, writing, British & American literature, ect

Air fare (RMB): round trip

Travel allowance (RMB): 2200 on completion of the contract

Meals: cooking utensils provided

Board: free apartment on campus

Contact: Sun Ye

Tel: +86-451-55190596

Fax: +86-451-55190588

E-mail: neausunye@yahoo.com.cn , sunye1978112@126.com

Website: http://www.neau.edu.cn

Address: 59, Mucai Street, Xiangfang District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang, China.

Postcode: 150030