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Luoyang Teachers University is located at Luoyang City, Henan Province, which is not only a state-grade historic cultural city and a famous ancient capital, but also a newly developing industrial city and tourist destination with rich resources, splendid culture, convenient transportation and a strong scientific and technological force. Luoyang was the ancient capital of 13 dynasties in Chinese history. The famous Longmen Grottoes is one of China’s three stone carving art treasures and has been designated as piece of world culture heritage. The world famous water control project on the Yellow River__Xiaolangdi is about 40 km away from the city, which is a popular place with beautiful scenery.

Luoyang Teachers University occupies 1000 Mu, which consists of teaching area, students resident area and sports area with standard modern stadium and a soon to be completed swimming pool. It has a history of 86 years and is a comprehensive university.

It has first-class teaching buildings, lab buildings, multi-media buildings, It undertakes the task of training qualified teachers for junior middle schools in the province. It has over 10000 full-time students. There are 11 departments in the university such as Foreign Languages, Chinese, History, Politics and Law, Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Physical Education, Music, and Arts. We have teaching staff of 522, among them, 39 professors, 181 associate professors, 32 Ph.D. holders and 82 post graduates from 50 national universities and scientific research institutions. This forms a teaching staff of high-level educational background, and superior ability in teaching and academic research. Buildings for the International Culture Exchange Center are being constructed, and enrollment of overseas students will begin next year.

Luoyang Teachers University is qualified to recruit foreign teachers by the State Foreign Expert Bureau and this has began in the early 1990s. Foreign teachers will be engaged in English language teaching for Foreign Languages Department which has over one thousand students aged from 15 to 21. The subjects provided are English language( oral or written ), British & American literature, business English and the cultural background of English-speaking countries. We sincerely welcome all scholars at home and abroad to visit Luoyang Teachers University.

Recruiting Condition and Treatment

Position: English teachers
Country: P.R. China
City: Luoyang
Name of institute: Luoyang Teachers University
Condition of employment:

Native English speakers with B.A., M.A. or Ph.D, who will teach oral, written, literature and business English in the Foreign Languages Department of Luoyang Teachers University.

16-18 hours/week, 50minutes/class. Undergraduate students aged from 15 to 21. We offer text books, teaching facilities such as language lab. and teaching office. Month salary will be from 2000 to 4000RMB depending on edu. degree and experience,The monthly\ cost of living for local people is $50 USD, which is about 430 RMB. Two months of holidays for summer vacation, and one month for winter vocation are alotted.

Duties: In a addition to normal teaching hours, office hours and English corner activities are expected.


We offer return air tickets for one year contract, 2200 RMB for vocation travel allowance, a furnished apartment for each teacher, with two sitting rooms, one bed room, one kitchen, and one bathroom, as well as all kinds of facilities: computer ( connected with the internet), telephone, air conditioner, refrigerator, auto-washing machine, TV, DVD player, recorder, cooking facilities, bathroom with shower, and all necessary furniture such as bed, quilts, sofa, etc. All the apartments are on the campus and well decorated. The foreign teachers will enjoy a two- day holiday for Christmas Day besides those holidays Chinese officials enjoy. Every term we need 4-10 teachers. Now the recruiting begins for the new term (Every year, Spring term will begin in Feb. and Autumn term will begin in Sep.), but the recruiting is conducted all the time.

Application procedures:
   1.Copy of your passport
   2.Letter of recommendation
   3.Copy of university degree(B.A. or B.S.)

   4.Copy of health certificate
   5.Your resume

Person to contact:  David.Li  (the Director of Foreign Affairs Office)

E-mail: zhepeng.li@163.net


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Tel/Fax: +86-379-5519637

Postal Add: 71# luolong RD,Luoyang City,Henan Province,P. R. China

Zip: 471022

The Foreign Affairs Office is responsible and lawful for recruiting foreign teachers for Luoyang Teachers University.