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Huazhong University of Science and Technology Wuchang Branch


Huazhong University of Science and Technology Wuchang Branch is a regular full-time college, which was founded with the approval of the State Educational Ministry in August, 2000. HUSTWB is a new type of college and an innovative mechanism in the developing system of China¡¯s higher education. The college follows the tenets of taking advantage of the policies, collecting wisdom from experts, and creating a new way to turn a school into a cradle of talents. By relying on the main campus HUST, inheriting good traditions from famous schools, collecting resources from society, and using advanced administrative experiences for references, the college has made tremendous progress in the new century. Zhu Jiusi, famous educator, the former president of HUST is our President of Honor; Professor Feng Xiangdong, doctoral adviser and vice-president of HUST, is our secretary of Party Committee.

Located by the beautiful South Lake, HUSTWB covers an area of 67 hectares with a floor space of 480,000 square meters. It has a complete set of teaching and living facilities, including teaching building, laboratories, library, computer center, modern language center, college students¡¯ activity center, mock court, sports ground, gymnasium, swimming pool, students apartments, canteens, etc. The college, with its scenic environment, is a favorable place for the students to study and research. The college has 10 departments, 3 sections, scientific teaching center and cultivating center and other teaching facilities covering the disciplines of science, engineering, literature, management and art, which provide about 40 bachelor programs or 3-year higher-education programs. Nineteen thousand full-time students are studying on campus this year.

The college adheres to a concept of a human-oriented, administrating college with strictness, and seeking success through quality, seeking development through unique personalities, carries out the principle of a combination of theory and practice, explores popularized and internationalized school-operating ideals, promotes the credit system reform and puts equal emphasis on academic diploma and professional qualification. The college enrolls students from the entire nation, and was entered into the national higher education enrollment project. The students will be awarded the accredited diploma on condition that they have gained the required credits and a Bachelor Degree will be awarded to those qualified students by HUST.

Standing on the cusp of the 21st century, HUSTWB, with the guiding ideology of ¡°actively developing, standardized management, reforming and renovation¡± will turns a new page by building itself as a new mechanical and characteristic cradle of fostering modern talents.

Based on the major set-up, the teaching program and the training project, HUSTWB has invested a large amount of money into laboratories and teaching facilities the past five years. It has bought 4405 pieces of apparatus and equipments, each of which is worth more than 800yuan. They are set among 10 departments and 43 basic or professional laboratories, of which 32 are scientific and technological, 11 are devoted to the arts, 6 are basic laboratories and 37 are professional laboratories.

Since 2004, more than 40 foreign teachers has been live and taught here. We are warmly welcome friends from all over the world.

Position: Language Teachers

Teaching Subjects: Oral English; A Brief Survey of Britain & the US;

Requirements for candidates:
1. Bachelor's degree or above;
2. At least one year experience in English teaching;
3. Preference for TEFL certificate.

Contract term:

Contract duration: one year (September 1st, 2006---July 1st, 2007)

Vacancy: 4

Age: 22-50

Salary: RMB3500 per month for Bachelor¡¯s degree holders with at least one-year working experience, 16 teaching hours per week; RMB4000 per month for Master¡¯s degree holders or Bachelor¡¯s degree holders with at least one-year working experience, 18 teaching hours per week; RMB4500 per month for PhD degree holders or associate professor; professor in a higher institution;

Extra work: 60RMB per period;

Airfare: round-way international economic air tickets;

Vacation allowances: 1,000 RMB per semester;

A free standard room in the campus hotel (equals to three-star hotel);

Invited party will cover the pay of medical examination in his/her home country; inviting party will pay invited party medical expenses up to 2000(two thousand)yuan(RMB) for the duration of the contract on condition that the invited party receives medical treatment at the college¡¯s clinic. The excessive part will be invited party¡¯s responsibility. Costs incurred by any of the following are the invited party¡¯s responsibility: plastic(orthopedics) operation, dental cleaning and denture installation, and apparatus belonging to one own, such as spectacles, crutches.

Holidays: all the legal holidays in China.

Geography position: in the downtown, transportation is very convenient.


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Address: Foreign Affairs Office, Huazhong University of Science and Technology Wuchang Branch, Nanhu, Wuchang, Wuhan China

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