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Changsha University of Science and Technology is located in the south of Changsha, the capital of Hunan province, China, which just grew out of Changsha Communications University and Changsha University of Electric Power by merging. The current undergraduates and postgraduates total 30000.The university occupies an area of around 100 hectares, including 817,200 square meters of campus buildings, 74,500 square meters of classrooms, 149,700 meters of laboratories and 207,600 square meters of student apartments. It has fixed assets of 733.7 million yuan (RMB), including 130.89 million yuan of teaching equipment and 1,530,678 Chinese or foreign books and magazines.

Within the university, there are 51 undergraduate programs, covering five of the seven major academic branches for higher learning (i.e. engineering, science, management, humanities and social science), and 28 master programs, 2 Phd programs. It is qualified to award master degree to those attaining the same educational level basis and entitled to award engineering master degree.

The university has 4 key disciplines at provincial and ministerial levels. It has 56 experimental centers and laboratories, among which there is one key laboratory of the ministry of communications, one key laboratory of Hunan province and four key laboratories at the university level. The equipment in the laboratories is advanced, with the largest direct repetition loading equipment in Asia, the largest experimental harbor in the central south of China and advanced structural mobile and stationary loading experimental system. In addition, there is one research center for Deng Xiaoping thought.

The university has taken great measures to cultivate and introduce various outstanding personnel to form a faculty and staff more reasonable in academic title and age structure. The staff members total 3419,and the professional teachers total 1568, among whom there are 151 professors, 582 associate professors, 91 teachers with doctoral degrees and 477 with master degree (excluding 115 teachers who are studying for doctoral degree and 132 for master degree). There is one who is admitted as the member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, one outstanding youth expert with national contribution, one candidate for national under thousand, ten-thousand Personnel Engineering three communications science and technology talents four honors youth experts at provincial and ministerial level, three academic leaders for key disciplines at provincial and ministerial level, four supervisors and five associate supervisors for doctoral postgraduates, fifty-six teachers enjoying special allowance awarded by the State Council, twenty-one cultivation candidates for future academic leaders at provincial and ministerial level and eighty-nine key teachers at provincial and ministerial level.

The university values scientific researches, insisting that researches should promote teaching, discipline construction and faculty construction, and that production, learning and research should be grouped together to promote the scientific probes and technical service. It establishes 51 science and technology institutes and technical service agencies. Since the ninth national five- year plan, the university has undertaken 314 scientific research items at or above provincial and ministerial level, thirty of which are national ones, one hundred and twenty seven of which have received awards at or above provincial and ministerial level (three of which are national awards). The faculty members have published 5716 academic papers (one hundred and seventy five of which are enrolled by SCI, EI and ISTP) and 213 academic books.

In the past years, the university outlays for scientific researches have increased greatly. The outlays for researches in the latest three years total 170,084,000 yuan (RMB), of which there was 46,726,000 yuan (RMB) in 2000, 60,681,000(RMB) in 2001, and 62,677,000 yuan (RMB) in 2002.

With the deepening of out reform and opening policy, the university international exchanges are becoming more and more active recently. It has established exchange and cooperation relationships with many universities and colleges or scientific research agencies in such countries or regions as the U.S.A, Britain, Germany, Japan, Canada, Belgium, Russia, Singapore, Australia, Spain and Hong Kong, and reached cooperation agreements with Britain, the U.S.A and Russia, and gained the qualification to cultivate foreign students. Since 2000, 43 students have been sent abroad to the U.S.A, the U.K, France and Russia for further study.

The university has been deepening teaching reform all the time. In the past five years, the faculty members have received one national teaching award and twenty-four teaching awards at provincial and ministerial level. The student cultivation quality has been improving greatly. The students have received thirty- nine awards for the national mathematic model test (the first prize) and the national electronic design test (the second prize).

The university social influence and reputation have been improving. More and more students want to be admitted to this university. In 2002, the required scores for candidates of art and of science for admission to Changsha University of Communications are 39 points and 41 points higher than the required scores for admission to general universities and colleges in Hunan province respectively; and the required scores for candidates of art and of science for admission to Changsha University of Electric power are both 31 points higher than for admission to general universities and colleges in Hunan. For many years, the first employment rate for graduates has been over 95 per cent (Changsha University of Communications first employment rate has been over 98 per cent in the continuous seven years). The former graduates are very popular with their working units.

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