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Inner Mongolia Nationality College


Inner Mongolia Nationality College is the only college with Mongolian which is established through the State Ministry of Education and directed by Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

The school recruits students facing eight provinces. The students are mainly from the get-together district of Mongolian. Ninety-eight percent of the teachers and staffs are Mongolian. In the process of running school, the school has trained more than 20 thousand national specialized talents in the recent half of century for the Inner Mongolia, fraternal provinces, and the units concerned of nation, and provided proper contribution for the economic construction, science and technology progress and social development of these districts. With its wide influence, it is called as “ the cradle of Mongolian talent ”.

[Basic contribution of the school]

The school has established Economy Management Department , Law Department , Art Department , PE Department , etc. So there are 11 departments , 26 majors, and also research section , Mongolian research institute , National economic research institute , Grassland environment and ecology research institute , continuous education center , Mechanical education center, national education research center, etc. 《Journal of Inner Mongolia Nationality College》(Mongolia research) has been published facing to whole country, it is an important periodical journal of researching Mongolian culture for China , even the word , and has fairly research value .

The school holds the spirit of running school as being “open to outside”, and it has made cooperation with Beijing Language University, Beijing Normal University, Tokyo University, Xinxie productive University, Fushan YMCA Industrial Specialized Training School of Japan, Mongolia National Maintained University, Mongolia Humanities Management College, WuLanBaTuo Normal school,etc.And it has sent teachers and international students each other. Lion’s club and GangSongQingJiu Company has the scholarship and financial aid in our school.

[The Establishment of the staff]

Now our school has 252 teachers including 83 professors and associate professors which accounts for 33% of the total staff. We have 101 lecturers which takes about 40% . The proportion of teachers with the senior, medium and primary titles is 3.3 :4:2.7 .

Among the teachers, there are 47 teachers with master degree or doctor degree, accounting for 18.7% of the teachers, 183 teachers are with bachelors degree occupying 72.9% , 21 teachers have other degree occupying 8.3% .

Teacher below 35-year old are 136 , which occupy 54% of the whole teachers . In recent years , our school encouraged young teacher’s degree . Thirty-seven of the young teachers have received or studying for master’s degree , reaching 31% of the whole young teachers .

According to our plan of development , the proportion of high , middle and primary title will be 3:5:2 in 2005 . During teach –five-year plan period , we will develop 5-10 provincial influential subject leaders , 50 influential subject leaders in school and 150 backbone young teachers , the proportion of young teacher will be increased from 54% to 65% .

[The Situation of the campus and Accommodate]

The total area of the campus is 270 Mu , among it , the area of the basic building is 77213 square , the administrative houses are 277748 square meters , and the students’ flats are 13362 square meters . At present , the classrooms are covering a floor space of 24700 square meters and each student covers 8 square meters . The playground is covering a floor space of 22000 square meters and each student covers 7 square meters of it . The teaching instruments are worth 3020000 yuan . The library is covering a floor space of 2700 square meters , there are over 200000 volumes of books and reference materials , and each student has 82 volumes or so . Now there are four computer houses , six laboratories for physics , chemistry and biology courses . And there are also a phonetic laboratory , a room for televition program and editing , a photo studio and a broadcasting studio . The establishment of the campus internet has been finished basically .During 2003-2005 , our college are going to raise money to build a multifunction gymnasium with a floor space of 5000 square meters , and a information center which covers a floor space of 5000 square meters . It can satisfy the teaching , studying and management .

[Guiding purpose and scale for running school]

Our college ‘ s guiding purpose for running school is “Be based on Inner Mongolia , facing the eight provinces to strengthen the communication and popularity between Mongolian culture and the world culture” .

At present , our college focus on the specialized education , lending by under graduate education , assisting by adult education . To train bilingual talented persons who have good command of both Mongolia-Chinese and Mongolian-English . We aim to train students who are suit for the need of the economical establishment and social development , so the training scope covers the field of Art , Science , Economics , Low and serviceable talented person and the elementary school educators who are suit for the guiding ideology of the quality education .

Now , there are over 5000 students in our college , and the ratio of students to teachers is 14:1 , the ratio of students to staves is 8:1 , it occupies the first place among the colleges and universities in Inner Mongolia . During 2005-2010 , the school will make the undergraduate courses as the main body and assist by the specialized courses , adult courses , correspondence courses and long-distance courses , and develop postgraduate education properly and actively develop international students . It is our aim to have 2-3 subjects with our special characteristic and to be well-known at home and abroad . At this time we will have students of seven thousands .

Vacancy: 3

Gender: M / F

Degree: Bachelor

Major: Unspecified

Work Experience: Unspecified

Teacher or expert: Teacher

Age: 20-50

Nationality: American, British, Canadian, Australian

Language: English

Contract duration: One year (Mar.1,2006~Sep.1, 2007)

Starting date: As soon as possible

Workload: 16 periods per week(50 minutes per period)

Monthly salary (RMB): 3000

Courses to teach: Conversational English, Oral English

Air fare (RMB): One way of one year contract

Monthly telephone allowance (RMB): 60

Meals: Cooking utensils provided

Board: Free apartment on campus

Apartment facilities: TV, Telephone, Air conditioner, Furniture( Bed, Wardrobe, Desk, Chair, etc.) , Kitchen, Independent Washroom and Bathroom,Others.

Surrourding Facilities: Washhouse, Dining-Room, Bus Stop, Railway station




Ⅰ.A Brief Introduction of College

The Inner MongoliaNationalityCollege is theonly college that uses Mongolian language as a medium of instruction in the class. The college was established by China’s Ministry of Education, directed by Mongolia Autonomous Region.The school recruits students that comes from eight different provinces within China, Majority of the students are mainly from the Mongolian district of different provinces. 98% of the teachers and staffes are Mongolian, so the college was called “the Cradle of Mongolian talent”.

The college has 11 departments specializing in 36 subjects , covering fields as economics、philosophy and laws、music、art、computer、mathematics、sport、literatuer and foreign language, etc. It also establish continuous education center、Mechanical education center 、National education research, etc. The library has a collection of 200,000 volumes of books and referance materials, the land area of the college is 270 Mu. It also has 476 teaching and administrative staff. Among them, 25% of the teachers are professors and associate professors,40% of teachers are lecturers. At the moment, there are 5000 of students enrolled in the college.

The college holds the opening spirit of running school, and is qualified to accept foreign experts and international students. It also sends students to foreign countries and vice versa. The college has cooperation with, Beijing Language University、Beijing Normal University、Tokyo University、 Xinxie productive University,in Japan、Mongolia Manegement College、 Wulanbatuo Normal School, etc. There has been an exchange of teachers and international students from these institution. The college invites the foreign expert of international academic associations every year from America、 Japan、 Australia and Mongolia, etc, and has built the academic relationship. There are over than 80 students from Australia 、America、Japan、Mongolia, etc, Lion’s club and Gangsong Qingjiu Company has the scholarship and financial aid in our school.

Inner Mongolia Nationality College is located in the capital city of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Hohhot, the city is the center of philosophy、 economy and culture. It offer a convenient transportation and development information and favorable environment. Huhhot is about 600km from Beijing, and it needs 10 hours only by train (a train ticket costs about 20$),and 1 hour by air (an air ticker costs about 50 $).

Foreign Affairs Office of Inner Mongolia Nationality College is a special institution for foreign affairs responsible for the admission、training ,and daily administration. The college has built the foreign expert and international student’s apartment , a teaching and living place, there are shared kitchens、 laundries and single bed or double bed rooms.

We sincerely welcome students from all over the world to come to study and live in the school campus. We are bound to offer you an conductive environment for studying and living.


Ⅱ、Types and Qualifications of Foreign Students Accepted





College student(three years system college)

No age limit

Record of schooling is equal to a high school’s student in china,passed the examination for international student

3 years

Language student

No age limit

Record of schooling is equal to a high school’s student in china and admitted

1—2 years

Short term student

No age limit

Record of schooling is equal to a high school’s student in china and admitted


Ⅲ、Application and Admission Procedure

  • Application Date and Start of Classes
    • College student(three years system college) :

application date: April 1—July 1

start of classes: September 1

    • language student :

application date: April 1—July 1

start of classes: September 1

3) short term student and practical student :can apply at anytime

  • Application Procedures

International students who wish to apply can get the application form from the foreign affairs office of Inner Mongolia Nationality college, and fill out to send it to our school with the following required materials:

    • physical examination form for foreigners (copy with the applicant’s photo on them)
    • copy of the certificate of the last degree
    • mark record of the last degree (copies are acceptable)
    • copy of passport
    • 8 photos (same size and standard as on the passport)
    • one recommedation letter
    • police clearance(good moral certificate)
  • Admission

When the college receives all the above materials, a “JW202” form and an “Admission Notice” will be sent to you, then you can obtain the x-type visa at the Chinese Embassy or consulate in your country. You should register to foreign affairs office of Inner Mongolia Nationality College in time according to the requirements stated in the letter of Admission, bring with them, the “JW202 Form”、 the original ohysical examination record and blood test report、 the negative film of the x-ray test、the original copy of ECG、the passport and 8 photos.

Post address: 216 saihan road, xincheng district, huhhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region ,China

P,C: 010051

Contect person: Bu Ri Gu De, Hai Xia

Tell: 0086— 471— 2213515

Fax: 0086— 471— 2213515

E-mail: Joy_haixia6@yahoo.com.cn




Academic year




College student (three years system college)





Tuition must be paid in full during the first week of the semester

Language student

1-2 years



Short-term student




After payment is made, no refund will be given for transfer of study for personal reasons.




Room condition

Single bed

5/per bed

Tv set、bathroom、telephone、furniture、desk、chair

Two beds

3/per bed

Four beds

1000RMB/per bed

Tv set、telephone 、desk、chair


Contact: Ms.Bu

Tel: +86-471-2213515

Fax: +86-471-2213515

E-mail: Joy_haixia6@yahoo.com.cn

Address: No.56 Tongdao North Street ,Xinchen District

Postcode: 010051