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Changzhou Institute of Technology


Founded in April of 1978, Changzhou Institute of Technology (hereafter called CIT) is located in Jiangsu province, which is a rich and developed province in China. The expreessway from Shanghai to Nanjing runs cross Changzhou, and the Taihu Lake is nearby. Many gardens with typical characteristics of South Yangtse River region can be found in Changzhou. With a history of 2500 years, Changzhou has made rapid progress in her social and economic development ever since the policy of opening and reform was carried out in China. Power machinery, engineering machinery, electronic communication, transmission electricity equipment, textile and garment have been the 6 pillars of industry in Changzhou. These 6 industries are now developing towards the international markets. The local government is paying more attention to the development of primary, high, adult education and reeducation.

With four campuses, CIT situated in the Changzhou High Technology Development District occupies an area of 606,300 square meters. With a total floor space of 284,300 square meters, teaching buildings, Lab building, Library, Science and Technology building, Sports ground and Students' apartments are distributed rationally on the campus. Throughout the campus grow shady trees, amidst which there are rows of tall and large buildings fitted out with fine facilities and equipment for teaching and studying. It is indeed an ideal place for teachers and students to work and study in. Now there are over 10,000 students studying on campus. The number of students attending adult education programs is about 8,000.

Currently, CIT has established 15 schools: School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, School of Electronic Information and Electric Engineering, School of Computer and Information Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, School of Quality Control Engineering, School of business administration, School of Foreign Languages, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Art and Design, School of Law and Political Science, School of Science, School of Education, Physical Education Section, School of Applied Technology, School of Adult (continuing) Education and Yanling School(publicly-owned, privately-operated).

In the past 20 years, CIT has cultivated for the Changzhou area and other neighboring cities and provinces 20,000 high-level and talented personnel of technology and administration either at college or university level and 10,000 non-degree educational personnel.

CIT is keen to make amicable association with foreign districts and institutions and to cooperate with them in teaching programs. Leaders and teachers of CIT have exchanged visits with, and cooperated with, personalities in education circles in Britain, the United States, Japan, Canada, Germany, Australia and Korea. It was one of the participating colleges in the Sino-Canadian co-operative Project on Post-Secondary Vocational & Technical Education. An international educational program, the "Industrial Coatings Applicator Training Project" was successfully operated by CIT and its Canadian sister college Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. CIT has reached the required standards for hiring foreign teaching experts and receiving overseas students. Each year certain number of overseas students from Germany ? Canada ? Japan ? Korea etc. come to attend Chinese Language course at CIT.

We are looking forward to your joining us!

Foreign Affairs Office
Changzhou Institute of Technology No.3 Chang Chen Rd., Changzhou Jiangsu Province, P.R.China 213002
Email : citc999@public.cz.js.cn
Tel/Fax : +86-519-5210282

Qualified Foreigners Wanted at Changzhou Institute of Technology

General Requirements

From English-speaking Country

Academic Degree should be Bachelor or Master or Doctor

Have more than 2 years teaching experience

Age from 23-65

Offering Programs:

English Extensive Reading,

Oral Enflish, English listening, English visual, English conversation, English Writing, Business English, English Letter for Foreign Trade, E-commerce.

Students' Level

English Major Undergraduates, English Major Vocational Students, Non-English Major Students

Class Size:

No more than 40 students

Teaching Period:

16 period per week

Pay and conditions

Monthly Salary:


Living Conditions:

Free furnished self-contained Apartment (on campus) with double bedrooms, one living room, bathroom and kitchen.

All necessary facilities including air-conditioner, telephone, computer with internet, printer, microwave, water heater, fridge, shower, wash machine, and cooking facilities, and 24-hour water, electricity and gas.

Travelling allowance:

RMB 1100 (half-a-year duration contract)

RMB 2200 (one-year duration contract)

Airfare reimbursement:

Reimburse a single trip air ticket ((half-a-year duration contract)

Reimburse a round trip air ticket (one-year duration contract)

Contact person: Ms. Zhu Juanfen (Athena)      Ms.Wang Yaqing (Sunny)

Telephone: +86-519-5210282

Fax: +86-519-5210282

E-mail: citc999@public.cz.js.cn

Website: http://www.cit.edu.cn

Address: No.3 Changcheng Road Changzhou, Jiangsu Province P.R.China

Postcode: 213002