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Jiangsu Education Center for International Exchange (JECIE) is a non-profit organization under the direct leadership of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, which has been engaging itself in promoting and facilitating the international exchanges in the education circle since 1988. Our main businesses contain recruiting international faculties, organizing business visits, sending students to study abroad, setting pre & in service training groups for overseas, providing overseas study tour, hosting foreign studying and visiting groups and so on. Until now, JECIT has established three institutions, which respectively undertake the above-mentioned businesses. JECIE is also the official representative of the 100 Membership Schools in Jiangsu Province. So far, JECIE has established comprehensive collaborative relationships with hundreds of overseas educational institutions, organizations and providers. And the same time, JECIE has formed excellent performance credits in cultural and education section, visa section, and trade section of main countries in cooperation, such as U.S.A, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and so on.

JECIE is greatly expecting cooperation with the partner of education circles for mutual benefits and development.

Long-term Foreign Teachers Plan
Foreign Teachers Wanted For the Linguaphone Children's English Program 2004
Foreign teachers for 2004 Summer Program

Corporation: Yan Yujun
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