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Long-term Foreign Teachers Plan
Foreign Teachers Wanted For the Linguaphone Children's English Program 2004
Foreign teachers for 2004 Summer Program

Program A:
Long-term foreign teachers recruiting plan

  1. Vacancies: 80
  2. Location: primary schools, secondary schools and universities with qualification of recruiting foreign teachers in Jiangsu Province (List of membership schools on http://www.jseie.org/wjpq/hailunhy/indexx.htm)
  3. Work load: 16-18 teaching periods per week
  4. Contract Period: 6 months to 1 year (From Feb. 2004)
  5. Salary and treatment:
    a. Monthly salary: RMB3000-5000, some schools could provide 5000+
    b. Free accommodation with basic facilities like air-condition, TV, bathroom, telephone, furniture, bedding ect.
    c. Air tickets allowance: RMB6000/year
    d. Travel allowance: RMB2200/year
    e. 4 weeks holiday with payment for a one year contract
  6. Qualification required
    a. Bachelor's degree or above
    b. Native speaker of English
    c. Teaching certificate or TEFL Certificate (optional)
    d. Teaching experience (optional)