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Program B:
Foreign Teachers For the Children English Programs 2004
I. Courses offered:
Linguaphone Children English
Linguaphone is the world leader in the field of languages training. It's operated in more than 80 countries worldwide offering 600 courses in over 30 languages.
NOW in Jiangsu Province we deliver children English for beginners in primary schools.
2. Cambridge Children English courses
Well-designed English Language Teaching courses by Cambridge University Press (CUP).
e.g. Playway to English in kindergarten,
Join in and Primary Colours for students in primary schools, etc.

II. Employment plan
For fulltime teacher applicants:

  1. Vacancies: 12
  2. Work Load: minimum contact time 6 hours per week,
    Maximum contact time is 20 contact hours per week.
    Working load is distributed from Monday to Saturday.
  3. Location: Kindergartens and Primary Schools in Jiangsu Province
    (In provincial capital---Nanjing, and nearby cities i.e. Zhenjiang, Yangzhou, Taizhou, etc.)
  4. Teaching Schedule:
    Earliest from February 9, 2004 through February 9, 2005.
  5. Salary and conditions
    a. Salary: Basic salary --- 3000 Yuan per month (basic load of 6 contact hrs per week),
    Flexible salary---upon teacher's academic background and teaching effectiveness,
    The payment level vary from basic 90 Yuan per contact hour upward
    (The contact hour of flexible salary excludes the basic load).
    b. Accommodation: free suite or accommodation allowance.
    c. Air ticket reimbursement: economic class ticket (maximum 6000 per year)
    d. Medical allowance: RMB 500 per year

For Part-time teacher applicants:

  1. Vacancies: 10
  2. Work Load: maximum 12 contact hours per week
  3. Location: Primary Schools in Nanjing
  4. Teaching Schedule:
    From 9 February 2004, from Monday to Friday (afternoon) and half day on Saturday
  5. Salary and conditions:
    Vary from basic level of RMB 100 per contact hour upward.
    No other conditions.

Qualification for applicants
1. Bachelor's degree or above
2. Native speaker of English
3. Teacher's certificate or TEFL/TESL Certificate
4. Teaching experience in primary or secondary schools (preferred)