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Jiangsu Teacher's University of Technology


About Jiangsu Teachers' University of Technology (JSTUT)

JTUT Chronicles

1984: Jiangsu Teachers University of Technology was brought into existence, the only teacher-training university in Jiangsu, centering on engineering and vocational education
1999: Listed by the Ministry of Education as one of the first key construction bases for national vocational education

2001: Successfully passed the Ministerial Qualified Assessment of Regular College Programme in 2001
Aug. 2002: Formally changed its name to Jiangsu Teachers University of Technology
2002: Applying for the qualification to enroll postgraduates for vocational education

Location and Area

JTUT is situated in Changzhou, a well-known cultural and historical city with its long history of over 2,500 years, in Jiangsu Province. It covers an area of 550 mu (some 37 hectares), with a total floor space of over 220,000 meter squared. The university enjoys an ideal geographic location with a beautiful and quiet campus, which provides a unique environment for those in pursuit of learning and practical experience.

Institutional Structure

Departments and Organizations
Department of Electrical and Information Engineering
Department of Basic Courses
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Department of Social Sciences and Humanities
Department of Computer Science and Technology
Dongfang School (a state-owned nongovernmental school)
Department of Applied Chemistry
Jiangsu Provincial Scientific Research Center for Vocational-technical Education
Department of Artistic Designing
Adult Education School
Department of Economic Management
Center for Continuing Education
Department of Foreign Languages
Department of Pedagogy


Registered students: over 8,000
Teachers and staff members: 650 (including teachers: over 350, holders of high-ranking titles: over 150, doctors and masters: over 130)
Laboratories and studios: over 50; Teaching facilities: over ? 40 million Yuan
Books: 400,000 copies; Journals and magazines: over 700 kinds (besides, there are many electronic books)
Off-campus teaching practice bases: over 50; Off-campus productive practice bases: over 30

Teaching Reform

In order to meet the needs of economic development and modern vocational education, it has established the university ideology that the university should have its unique trait, the specialties their distinguishing features, and students their special skills.

Accordingly, it has put forward its teaching principle of "strengthening foundations, widening specialties, emphasizing technical competence and cultivating vocational teachers with greater flexibility". The university adopts the "Three Certificates' System", that is, the diploma, the technical qualifications certificate, and the teacher's career qualifications certificate. The system enhances the students' operational skills as well as their consciousness of analytical and creative thinking. Under the nature of the school ethic of "being united, diligent, realistic and creative", the students, after classroom instruction, field observation and internship, participate in social practice to temper their skills and put what they have learned into practice. And most of our graduates are doing well on their posts, and some of them become the mainstay in provincial vocational education.

Academic and Scientific Research Achievements

lays stress on scientific research. The university publishes a vocational-technical educational journal entitled Dispatches of Vocational Education, and the Academic Journal of Jiangsu Teachers University of Technology. Over the past few years, the university has taken on 263 projects, of which 30 have won ministerial or provincial awards.
Academic Exchanges at Home and Abroad

In recent years, JTUT makes great efforts to broaden the ways of developing the university at a higher speed, and has established close exchange and cooperative connections with such countries as the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Russia, Australia, Canada, and Ukraine, and has made use of useful educational resources from abroad.

Student Life

Students on campus have a variety of colorful extracurricular activities. They take a very active part in these activities, and some of the students have won awards in national, provincial or municipal contests.

 Looking forward into the Future

JTUT abides by the strategy of "optimizing its structure, improving its quality, raising its performance, enhancing its characteristics", lays stress on the cultivation of the students' creativity, and tries to build the university into such an institution of tertiary vocational education, which is not only in conformity with economic, scientific and technological, cultural and educational development of the province, but also a national model key base for vocational teacher training programmers.

Vacancy: 8

Gender: M / F

Degree: Bachelor

Major: Linguistics / Literature, Computer science application

Work Experience: Unspecified

Teacher or Expert: Teachers, Experts

Age: Unspecified

Nationality: American, British, Canadian, Australian and foreign citizen of Chinese origin

Language: English

Contract duration: One year

Starting date: Sep.2004

Working place: On campus

Workload: 16 periods per week (40 minutes per period)

Monthly salary (RMB): 3000

Courses to teach: Conversational English, Oral English, Writing, British & American literature, etc

Air fare (RMB): One way of one year contract

Travel allowance (RMB): 2200 of one year contract

Monthly telephone allowance (RMB): 100

Meals: Cooking utensils provided

Board: Free apartment on campus

Mr. Xu Jingliang

Tel: +86-519-6999508

Fax: +86-519-6999509

E-mail: xjl@jstu.edu.cn

Website: http://www.jstu.edu.cn

Address: Yuying Road No. 2, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

Postcode: 213001