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Teaching Job Opportunities for
2005—2006 Academic Year In Xuzhou Normal University

1. Brief introduction to Xuzhou and Xuzhou Normal University 

Xuzhou's coordinates are 34°16' North Latitude and 117°11' East Longitude .The city lies in Jiangsu, an east coastal province of China. Climate of the city is quite pleasant, neither scorching hot in summer, nor bitter cold in winter. Xuzhou has a total urban area of 200 square kilometers with a population of 1000,000. Xuzhou is at the junction of Beijing-Shanghai Railway and Longhai Railway, serving as a vital transportation hub in China. It takes only about 3 hours' driver to Qufu, hometown of Confucius. Passenger trains from Xuzhou can reach Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing and many other major or medium-sized cities. Newly built railway station is equipped with spacious and comfortable waiting hall. Xuzhou Guanyin Airport has been designed and completed with international standard. Airliners fly to 13 cities as follows: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Haikou, Kunming Xiamen, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Nanjing, Hefei and Lianyungang. The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal also passes the city.

Besides its traffic convenience, Xuzhou is one of the most famous historical and cultural cities in China. Its several-thousand-year history of civilization has left numerous treasures, such as: Horse-terrace of Xiangyu, Conqueror of the Western Chu Kingdom. Stone Tablet inscribed with“Ode to Great Wind” by Liu Bang, the first Emperor of the Han Dynasty; the Crane-releasing Pavilion, which SuDongpo, a great poet and scholar of the Song Dynasty, was reluctant to leave; the Swallow Pavilion recited with a cadence by men of letters in history; and the Great Buddha carved in North Wei and the underground cities of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. They have all become well-known by people .The unearthed cultural relics of the Han Dynasty such as Han tombs, tomb stone engraving, Jade Garment sewn with silver thread, have formed group culture, which is rare and fascinating in China. Famous Han culture relics are being displayed in Xuzhou Museum. In addition, there are thousands of relics pieces of the New Stone Age in the Dadunzi ruin and the Huating ruin, which reflect the developed culture of the prehistoric age in Xuzhou area. With Yunlong Hill and Yunlong Lake as its centre, a scenery area of 38 square kilometers is unified as a single entity with the combination of ancient and modern gardens. The rich cultural soil and charming natural scenery have inspired Li Keran, a great painting artist, Ma Ke, a talented musician and numerous well-known scholars. The folk wushu, folk music, Xuzhou opera, balladry and folk paper-cut, all with local character, are rich and colorful. Han culture, the shining of modern and ancient codes and records and the combination of the natural scenery with human cultural landscape, have made Xuzhou a brand-new tourist-attracting city.

Xuzhou Normal University, a provincial higher learning institution founded in 1952, is situated at Xuzhou. The university is composed of 4 campuses: Yunlong, Quanshan, Kuiyuan and Jiawang campuses. Its total area is 100 hectares. 

XNU is a full-major normal university with 18 faculties and departments, 40 specialties, 16000 full-time postgraduates and undergraduates. In addition, it has 5000 students in night school and on long distance education.

2. Vacancies, qualifications and work load

1.Number of vacancies : 10 teaching positions available for 2005~2006 academic year 

2.Qualifications and work load :

(1) One Business teacher :

Native English speaker, BA degree essential in relevant disciplines; teaching experience preferred; weekly teaching hours 18.

(2)Five English teachers

Native English speakers; BA degree essential; speaking English with standard pronunciation and intonation; English teaching

experience preferred; weekly teaching hours 18.

(3) One English experts

Native English speakers; MA degree or BA degree essential in TESOL fields (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages); speaking English with standard pronunciation and intonation; teaching experience essential; weekly teaching hours 18.

(4) One English literature or linguistics expert

Native English speaker, Ph.D degree or medium or above professional title essential in English literature or linguistics area, teaching or research experience essential; weekly teaching hours 18.

(5) One Japanese teacher

Native Japanese speaker; BA degree essential; speaking Japanese with standard
pronunciation and intonation; Japanese teaching experience preferred; weekly teaching hours 18.

(6) One Russian teacher

Native Russian speaker; BA degree essential; speaking Russian with standard pronunciation and intonation; Russian teaching experience preferred; weekly teaching hours 18.

3. Treatment

1. Monthly salary:

BA: 3,300 Rmb yuan

BA with teaching experience or TESL certificate: 3,500 Rmb yuan

BA with teaching experience and TESL certificate: 3,700 Rmb yuan

Master : 3,500 Rmb yuan

Master with teaching experience or TESL certificate :3,700 Rmb yuan

Master with teaching experience or TESL certificate :4,000 Rmb yuan

(3) PH D: 4,000~6,000 Rmb yuan

2. Accommodation:

Accommodation for international staff is free of charge. The university building for international teachers will accommodate the staff.

members with air-conditioning, telephone, internet access, 24-hour hot water, bathroom, color TV, and fridge. International staff members are responsible for their own meals.

3. Travel allowance:

2,200 Rmb yuan for every academic year.

4. Medical treatment:

Medical treatment in the University Hospital is offered free of charge.

5. Air Fare:

Return tickets for one-year contract; one-way ticket for half-year contract

6. Free Chinese lessons:

International teachers are able to attend free of charge the Chinese language training class.

7.Contract renewal bonus:

An international teacher's monthly salary will be increased by 200 rmb yuan if both the teacher and the university are satisfied with each other and agree to renew the employment contract for another academic year or a semester.

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