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Jilin Institute of Chemical Technology


Jilin Institute of Chemical Technology was founded in1958. It is situated in jilin city,famouse for ice and snow and rime, in northeast China. It is located in at the foot of the dragon fond mountain and along the bank of the songhua River.its peaceful and cozy surroundings, with its green moutains and clear water in summer and dazzling ice-coated trees and bushes along the bank of the river in winter make it an idyllic location to pursue study.

JICT finished its transfer from the administration affiliated to the ministry to that of Jilin provincial government in January 2001.The level of study program focuses on undergraduate engineering and develops graduate programs as well. JICT recruits students from all parts of China.

The structure of course specialties includes four aspects--------engineering, science, economy and arts, under which there are 14 undergraduate specialties. They are Design and Manufacture and Automation of Machinery, Process Equipment and Control Engineering , Industrial Design, Electronic Information Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Automation, Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, High molecular Material and Engineering, Biological Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Pharmaceutial Engineering, English Language and International Trade and Economy. The training objective and the scope have been widened and adjusted fundamentally. Specialties concerning chemical industry train senior personnel in the leading national and provincial research fields.

JICT has nine departments, an International Exchage Center, College of Adult education, altogether 14 teaching colleges, departments and seven centers for scientific research. It has 30 teaching sections, 25 laboratories and is equipped with modern education center, computer center and computer campus net connected with the internet. It has 300 full-time teachers, including 20 professors, 120 assistant professors 20 doctors and 100 masters. It provides better students' dinning hall, dormitories and facilities for sports and recreations.

JICT carries out the party's education policy conscientiously, focusing on teaching work and teaching quality to promote quality education comprehensive and improve personal quality. It advocates this motto----being rigorous, diligent, practical and progressive so that great achievements have been made. In 1996 JICT successfully passed the first qualification assessment for teaching work of undergraduate courses by the State Education Commission as the first school in the province, beginning a new stage of development since then. JICT has one provincial key course construction program, eight provincial excellent courses and four first-rate laboratories in the province. For many years JICT has been on the top lists among provincial schools in the rate of passing the exam in English Band 4, the entrance exam to graduate schools, computer level estimation and competition of maths modeling and eletronic design. The rate of students employment at one time is about 90 percent. Some first-rate national and international achievements have been made.

JICT has turned its face to the world and actively developed international exchange and actives. It has now established the cooperative relations in student exchange, academic exchange and technological cooperation with the institutions of higher learning and research institutes from Japan, Republic of Korea and Ukrain.

Since its foundation, as a cradle of engineers JICT has produced thousands of senior personnel in engineering and management, who went to all parts of China and they are praised and well received in all walks of life. Of the graduates some are excellent entrepreneurs like Fu Wancai, a national model worker and the Chairman of Board of Jilin Chemical Fabric Limited Company; some are learned scholars famous both home and abroad, like Han Fangyu, the formal president of Qingdao Institute of Chemical Technology and teacher of PH.D students; there are a lot more doctors and masters who have made remarkable achievements in various fields and are creative personnel.

In order to carry out the plan for Vitalizing Education Facing the 21th Century JICT is renewing education ideas, deepening teaching reforms and has made plans more suitable for current development for personnel training. The new training plan shows "there-faced" modern spirit, emphasizing the training of students' basic theory, basic knowledge and technique and the improvement of students' creative ability and comprehension quality so as to provide the guarantee of training and producing creative senior personnel suitable for the 21th century market economy and knowledge economy with comprehensive quality in morality, intelligence and physical education. Thus we sincerely welcome learners from all part of China to come to JICT for advanced study. JICT is an ideal place for you to obtain knowledge, improve quality and challenge the new century.

Vacancy: 5

Teacher or Expert: teachers

Nationality: USA, UK, Canada, Australia

Education: college or above

Contract time: one year, half a year, short term

Courses: spoken English, Britain and American literature

Workload: 15-18hours / week or 25 hours / week

Monthly salary (RMB): 2,500--4,400

Air ticket: one-way

Annual travel allowance (RMB):2,200

Free boarding: apartment

Meals: cooking untensils provided

Boarding place: on campus

Place of position (city): Jilin

Place of position (province): Jilin

Time to teach: as soon as possible

Contact: Zhao Shukui

Tel: +86-432-3083026

Fax: +86-432-3095429

E-mail: jhxy@public.jl.jl.cn, ivy19794@hotmail.com

Website: http://www.jlict.edu.cn

Address: 45# , Chengde Street, Jilin, China

Postcode: 132022