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Qingdao Qiushi College is located in Jiaozhou Bay, and founded in 1992. It is a full-time common college, which is ratified by Shandong Province government and is registered in National Education Department. It is a high-beginning, multi-level, multi-discriplinary and comprehensive institute of higher education. The college covers more than 1,200 mu, which has 16 institutions and a polytechnic school, at present which opens more than 30 popular majors being needed in morden society. There are altogether 15,000 students at present in the college. As soon as the second phase of construction is completed, it will boast a capacity of 30,000 students and it is also one of the private colleges with the longest history in Qingdao City. With an opening style of schooling implemented, the college has established cooperative and communicative relations with universities and colleges from more than twenty countries and regions.

The International Exchange Institute attached to Qingdao Qiushi College is in charge of the registration, education and administration, running of foreign students as well as international cooperation school, inviting foreign teachers and the supervisory work. Moreover, it is also in charge of foreign students’ Chinese language training, offering degree and non-degree education of foreign students including long-term and short-term Chinese language training and Chinese traditional folk handicraft training, some of there majors are English medium programs. The faculty which is made up of well-known experts, professors, experienced teachers is well qulified.

The teaching equipment at the school is fine and the infrastructure is complete. There are more than 200,000 books in the institute library at present. All kinds of periodicals and newspapers are subscribed in the reading room, so the students can be well informed of the latest nternational situation and the knowledge. On the campus, there are various service facilities such as the student apartments of the different specifications, supermarkets, medical offices, post centers, the ATM, playgrounds, swimming pools and so on.

Qingdao Qiushi College situated at the foot of Nugu hill and facing the magnificent bule sea, is a gardenlike evergreen collge. Entering the institute, you will feel the mild sea breeze and smell the fresh flower fragrance. With the beautiful scenery and exqusite environment, it is a rare worldly fairyland gathering the essence of the world.

Taking a broad view of the campus, you will find the verdant bamboo grove, the fascinating weeping willow, green grass, roses in full blosom and so on.

With modernization, human culture and beautification in a body, it is a holly place of education and cultivation.

Welcome the overseas students to our college in persuit of  further education.


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