Tai'an Introduction

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Tai'an City is situated at the center of Shandong Province, located at 116<02@to 117<59@ east longitude and 35<38@to 36<28@north latitude, and is about 176.6 kilometers long from east to west and about 93.5 kilometers wide from north to south with a total area of 7,762 square kilometers.
Tai'an City is a part of the Middle Lu mountainous region, of which the whole terrain inclines from northeast to southwest, and there are many kinds of landforms within the boundaries, such as mountains, hills, plains, marshlands, lakes, etc. The mountainous regions are mainly grouped in the north and the east of the city, which have an area of 140,700 hectares, occupying 18% of the total area of the city, with the altitudes from 400 to 800 meters. The hills are distributed mainly over the southwest of Xintai City, the east of Ningyang County, the northwestern suburb of Tai'an City, the fringe of Feicheng Basin and the north end of Dongping County. The plains are distributed mainly along the mountains and rivers, mostly are the valley plains, conoplains and diluvia plains. The marshlands and lakes are mainly distributed within the Dongping County. The Dongping Lake is the second large freshwater lake in the province, and is the only survived waters of "Liangshan Waters and Lakes".


bank of china, 49 Hongmen Lu (tel.822 6057) , changes currency and traveler¨s checks. Open M-F 8am-noon and 2:30-6pm.

Post office:

china post, 61 Qingnian Lu (tel.8223218),EMS and poste restante. Open daily summer 8am-noon and 2:30-6-30pm; winter 8am-noon and 1:30-5:30pm.


Central Hospital, 29 Longtan Lu(tel. 8224161).

Police Station:

  please dail 110


Railway station 

Bus station

City transport

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