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Binzhou Medical College (BMC), located in Binzhou (a city by Bohai Sea and the Yellow River in Shandong Province), was established in 1974 based upon Qingdao Medical College which moved to Beizhen Town(present Binzhou City) in 1970. BMC has two campuses, and they are in Binzhou and Yantai respectively, covering a total area of over 2,300 mu (approximately equal to 382 acres). Its construction area adds up to 230,000 square meters with a staff of 739 at present. BMC library keeps 501,000 volumes and over 1,500 journals, and the total facility value of the school is 36,600,000 RMB Yuan. Three specialities enrolls students for master's degrees, seven five-year-program specialities for bachelor's degrees and four three-year-program specialities for associate degrees; the bachelor's program includes clinical medicine, clinical medicine for the handicapped, stomatology, nursing, biotechnology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and information management and information systems; the associate degree program in cludes general practice, nursing , stomatology, and medical experiment and techniques. In BMC there are 51 departments, 12 multi-function labs, 11 research institutes and 2 research centres. BMC has 6 affiliated hospitals (including a directly-affiliated hospital ) and 28 hospitals for teaching and students' internship activities ; the number of medical beds comes to 16,000. With construction area of 130,000 square metres and facility value 350,000,000 RMB Yuan the directly-affiliated hospital is well-managed , hence it is acclaimed as the centre of medicine,teaching, research, preventive care and rehabilitation in the North of Shandong Province.

BMC carries out a Personnel Project, aiming at making up a top-quality teachers'team. That is, by taking various measures as sending young and middle-age teachers to attend entrusted training programs, to have further studies abroad; or inviting talents to come to work in the college, etc. BMC thus guarantees the formation of a good-quality teachers'team with a sufficient number and reasonable structure. BMC has now a faculty of 595, among whom 296 are with high-level professional titles, 45 are with doctor's degrees and 216 with master's degrees.

8,076 full-time students and students for adult's education, who come from more than 10 provinces or cities are now studying at BMC. Since foundation BMC has fostered a tremendous number of talented graduates who are commended by all levels of society for their top quality, solid basic knowledge, creative spirit and practical competence.

Centering on teaching activities and instructional reforms , BMC has modernized the teaching means by optimizing speciality structures, revising teaching plans and syllabuses , and enhancing management standard. Consequently, one speciality and three courses are determined as pilot programs for instructional reforms in Shandong ;90% of the 5-year-program main courses have reached Class One standard ; 31 items of teaching programs won Excellence Prize in Shandong. In 1997 and in 2001 with high scores BMC passed respectively the Teaching Appraisal and the Appraisal of Management Conditions and Teaching Quality organized by the Education Department of Shandong. Over the last few years 99% of graduates passed College English Test Band 4 and 60% passed Band 6; In College Computer Test 98% got E (Excellence) and no one failed. Every year at least 25% of the 5-year-program graduates are admitted as postgraduates , the percentage even gets to 50 in the speciality of stomatology.

The level of BMC's scientific research keeps on being improved as the school has always valued the research programs by allocating more funds, strengthening the construction of selective research items and encouragement mechanisms. BMC has 3 provincial and 5 college priority subjects . In the recent years 2 national major research items, 4 research items supported by national natural and social science funds as well as 52 items of ministry level have been awarded to BMC. Upon completion of those items BMC has won more than 49 province-ministry prizes. 95 works, 12 textbooks and 4,600 treatises have been published; 2,256 treatises were carried by core journals, and 36 were included by SCI, EI, ISTP.

BMC stresses the international exchange and cooperation, and has established friendly relationships with the School of Medicine, UCSD. BMC has also set up academic exchange programs with the United States, Australia, South Korea and Switzerland etc. Operation Rainbow established Academic Exchange Centre in China. Out of the staff BMC has sent abroad 65 for vocational studies and 131 either for scientific cooperations or international conferences. Since 1991 BMC has engaged 12 foreign English teachers, either from the U.S., U.K. or Cananda, among whom 5 won the Teaching Excellence Prizes in Shandong Province.

Yantai Campus, located in the High-Technology Development Zone of Yantai, the coastal city in Shandong Province, runs as BMC's development base for teaching , scientific research and technology. Its construction began in 2000 and more than 2,200 staff members and students of 2nd and 3rd year have been taking their residence there since September,2002. The start of Yantai Campus quickens the development of BMC in the new century.

The Medical Department for the Handicapped , established in 1985, is the first 5-year-program speciality to enroll handicapped students in China and has brought about tremendous influences both at home and abroad. Up to now from 15 provinces or cities BMC has enrolled 699 handicapped students, among those 476 already graduated from the college , 51 were admitted as postgraduates ,68 won the Scholarship and Demin Prize of Chinese Association for the Handicapped, 4 were honored as National Triple-A Student and Outstanding Students in Shandong respectively, 1 won Hu Chunan Scholarship for Excellent Students. To meet the physical conditions of the handicapped students and their future career requirement, BMC undertakes the following measures:

1.Setting a reasonable pattern of learning, encouraging students to become more competent besides being specialized in medicine
2.Setting up the Rehabilitation Foundation for the Handicapped, which enabled 80 students to have had orthopedic operations.
3.Carrying out psychological rehabilitation for the handicapped

Thus in the management of handicapped education BMC has found a distinctive way of joining education to rehabilitation.

Over the past 30 years BMC has become an institute with high-level comprehensive strength and teaching programs, noticeable speciality advantages and remarkable management features. In the new century BMC will make greater contributions to the implementations of national educational strategies by enlarging enrollment and improving management standard to keep pace with the social development.

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Contract Terms

Vacancy: 2-4

Degree: bachelor, master

Teacher or expert: teacher

Age: unspecified

Nationality: American, British, Canadian

Contract duration: one year

Starting date: Feb, 2006

Working place: on campus

Workload: 13-15 teaching hours per week

Monthly salary (RMB): 3500

Courses to teach: oral English, reading

Air fare (RMB):one way on completion of the contract

Travel allowance (RMB): 2200 on completion of the contract

Board: free flatlet on campus

Meals: cooking utensils provided

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