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A Brief Introduction of Zibo Normal College, Shandong Province

Zibo Normal College, Shandong Province "the former Zibo Normal school" was founded in 1951. The college now has a staff of 400, more than 4000 students, a campus of 132, 818 square metres, and the total building area of 8000 m2. The college has just taken over 1200 mu in Zibo newly developed are where the new college is in preparation. At present the college mainly offers their following specialities five-year-system primary school education pre-school education including Chinese Computer English Math and other departments training teachers for primary school and pre-school.

Over the many years Zibo Normal school pays great attention to educational research stresses innovation seeks the education quality. The school has achieved great success in spoken and written language art education the modernization of normal school education and so on. . The school has always put normal education at the first place and haw formed its unique opening-up education style which has had a good influence all over the country. Larger-scale meetings like the National secondary Normal school Experience Exchange were held in this school one after another. The school carries out the scientific research leading strategy and has achieved a lot in research. During the past ten years more than 1000 articles have been published in different levels of papers and magazines and over 40 textbooks or monographs have been written or jointly written.

A brief introduction of Zibo Foreign language experimental school

Zibo Foreign language experimental school(an attached middle school of Zibo Normal College of Shandong province) was founded in 2001 with the backing of Zibo normal school and approved by the city and district education bureaus. It is a full-time boarding school enrolling students from middle schools and primary schools of all the city. The school is located in central Shandong province along the coast with Qingdao to the east and Jinan to the west. It is situated in Zichuan---the home town of Pu Songling the king of short stories. The school buildings are in unique styles with winding corridors and green trees setting off. The environment is quiet and tasteful.

The teachers here are excellent. They consist of teaching experts and leading teachers of the province or the city senior lecturers postgraduates with a master's degree and some foreign teachers from England or America. In addition the school has teachers in charge of students'daily life carries out the closed boarding management. At present the school has two teaching sections the junior middle school and the senior middle school.

Foreign affair office of Zibo Normal College shandong province wants English teachers from all over the world especially Europe or America.
Foreign affair office of Zibo Normal College shandong province sincerely wants English teachers from all over the world especially Europe or America.
1. Area limits: English teachers from all over the world especially Europe or America.
2. Qualifications: Teachers with teaching experiences in primary school middle school or college.
3. The Number of teachers wanted 4-5each semester

Anyone who like to accept the offer of employment please contact with the foreign affair office of Zibo Normal College shandong province.




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