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Programs for Overseas Students

I. Shanxi University in Brief
Shanxi University, founded in 1902, is one of the three earliest established national universities in China. The University is located in Taiyuan City, Capital of Shanxi Province, 520km from Beijing, 40 minutes by air, 6 hours by bus, 10 hours by train. For over 100 years, Shanxi University has turned out more than 100,000 talents of all kinds and made great contributions to the economic development and social progress of China.

Shanxi University occupies an area of 130 hectares with a building space of 560,000 sq.m. The university has 22 colleges and departments, 65 undergraduate specialties, 2 post-doc research stations, 9 doctorate programs, 57 masters' programs, 70 research institutes and centers. It has a national base for basic scientific research and teaching personnel training, one national base of Chinese Language and Culture Education. The Quantum Optics Lab is the key Lab of Ministry of Education as well as National Key Lab. The Philosophy of Science Technology is the national key research base of humanities.

Shanxi University is the sole comprehensive university in Shanxi Province. It offers a wide range of degree, diploma and certificate courses in the fields of liberal arts, sciences, engineering, management, arts and physical education. The University has established intercollegiate relationships with 38 colleges and universities and research institutions all over the world and it began to enroll overseas students since 1981 and more than 1,000 overseas students from dozens of countries have studied here.

II. About our Province
Shanxi Province, where Shanxi University is located, is the cradle of Chinese culture. It houses 75% of the surface architecture in ancient China, which have become tourist attractions and which can help people understand Chinese culture and history.
Wutai Mountains, the Buddhist Shrine in China, known for its magnificent scenery and splendid Buddhist culture. It hosts more than 50 temples with national treasures of ancient sculptures, paintings and Buddhist literature.
Mt. Hengshan is known as the Northern Mountain in China. Its mid-air temple was originally built in about 500 A.D., looking like hanging in the air with cliffs above and deep valleys below.
Yingxian Wooden Pagoda is 67 meters in height and 30 meters in diameter. It was originally built in 1056 A.D. in the name of Sakya Pagoda. It is the oldest and highest wooden architecture existent in the world.
Yungang Grottos in Datong, with a history of 1500 years, hosts 53 grottos with 51,000 sculptures and is in the Key National Heritage List in China.
Ancient Pingyao City, designated by UNESCO as the World Culture Heritage, preserves the complete city walls and ancient Chinese architecture and culture. It is an ideal place to learn about Chinese civilization and tradition.
Mansion of Qiao Family, where the world famous movie Red Lantern Raise High was shot, is a garden complex of a prosperous family with extremely successful business which reflects the business heritage of old Shanxi merchants and which dominated trade in China in the 18th and 19th centuries.
The Yellow River Hukou Waterfalls is situated where the Yellow River narrows dramatically from a width of 300 to 500 meters to a mere strip of 30 to 50 meters wide that dips vertically to a stone more than 30 meters below. Tumbling with an avalanche-like intensity, the Hukou Waterfalls is the only slit-laden water falls in the world.

III. Fast Figures about Shanxi University

Faculty Members: 1383
Professors and associate professors: 750
Students: 23,000

IV. Enrollment requirements for Overseas Students
1.Chinese Language Training: 3 levels -- basic, intermediate, advanced; graduate of high school
2. All Undergraduate programs: graduate of high school, HSK level 4 passed
3. All Masters' programs: B.A or B.S, HSK level 4 passed
4. All Doctorate programs: M.A. or M.S., HSK level 6 passed

V. Courses Offered by International College

1. Fundamental Chinese
2. Intermediate Chinese
3. Advanced Chinese
4. Wushu (Martial Arts) (Taiji, Xinyi, Shaolin)
5. Calligraphy (Brushes and Strokes)
6. Chinese Painting (Landscape, Flower, Birds, Figure)
7. Chinese Musical Instruments (Erhu, Zheng, Bamboo Flute)
8. History (Shanxi Tourism, Business)
9. Acupuncture and Moxibustion (Massage, Acupuncture Therapy)
10. Seal Cutting (Practice and Appreciation)

Excursions and field trips for different routes.

VI. Courses Offered Shanxi University
Doctorate Programs:
1. Philosophy of Science and Technology
2. Chinese Contemporary and Modern History
3. Fundamental Mathematics
4. Theoretical Physics
5. Inorganic Chemistry
6. Ecology
7. Environmental Science
8. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
9. Optics

Masters' Programs:
1. Marxist Philosophy
2. Foreign Philosophy
3. Ethics
4. Philosophy of Science and Technology
5. History of Economy
6. Constitution and Administrative Law
7. Civil Commerce Law
8. Economic Law
9. Scientific Socialism and International Communist Movement
10. Marxist Theory and Moral Education
11. Sociology
12. Science of Higher Education
13. Developmental and Educational Psychology
14. Human Sports Sociology
15. Science of Sportsmen
16. Training and Physical Education
17. Chinese Language and Philology
18. Chinese Classical Literature
19. Chinese Ancient Literature
20. English Language and Literature
21. Japanese Language and Literature
22. Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
23. Artistry
24. Musicology
25. Science of Art
26. History of Specialization
27. Chinese Ancient History
28. Chinese Contemporary and Modern History
29. Global History
30. Fundamental Mathematics
31. Applied Mathematics
32. Operational Research and Cybernetics
33. Theoretical Physics
34. Optics
35. Inorganic Chemistry
36. Analytical Chemistry
37. Organic Chemistry
38. Physical Chemistry
39. Natural Geography
40. Botany
41. Zoology
42. Micro Biology
43. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
44. Ecology
45. History of Science and Technology
46. Optical Engineering
47. Physical Electronics
48. Modular Recognition Software and Theory
49. Computer Software and Theory
50. Computer Application Technology
51. Applied Chemistry
52. Environmental Science
53. Pharmaceutical Analysis
54. Management and Engineering
55. Management of Enterprise
56. Public Administration
57. Library Science

Bachelors' Programs:
1. Philosophy
2. Economics
3. International Economy and Trade
4. Law
5. Sociology
6. Political Science and Administration
7. International Politics
8. Moral Education
9. Education
10. Pre-schooling Education
11. Physical Education
12. Sports Training
13. Social Sports
14. Chinese Language and Literature
15. Chinese as a Second Language
16. English
17. Russian
18. Japanese
19. Journalism
20. Advertising
21. Musicology
22. Composition and its Techniques and Theory
23. Performance
24. Painting
25. Sculpture
26. Science of Art
27. Artistic Design
28. Dance Direction
29. Literature of Theater and Movies and TV
30. History
31. Archaeology
32. Science of Museum
33. Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
34. Information and Computation
35. Physics
36. Applied Physics
37. Chemistry
38. Applied Chemistry
39. Biology
40. Biological Techniques
41. Geography
42. Resource Environment and Urban an d Rural Planning
43. Electronic Information and Techniques
44. Optical Information and Techniques
45. Materialistic Physics
46. Science of Environment
47. Applied Psychology
48. Statistics
49. Thermo Energy and Dynamic Engineering
50. Electrical Engineering and Automation
51. Automation
52. Electronic Information Engineering
53. Computer Science and Techniques
54. Electronics and Techniques
55. Civil Engineering
56. Environmental Engineering
57. Food Science and Engineering
58. Pharmacy
59. Information Management and Information System
60. Business Administration
61. Accounting
62. Tourism Management
63. Public Affairs Management
64. Library Science

VII. Conditions for study: Foreign students are entitled to use the University Library (including the newspaper and periodicals), Access to internet at Internet Center or in the dorm after registration, Sound Lab specially for foreign students and computers in the Computer Center. All these facilities are open during office hours (8:00 - 12:00 am and 2:00 - 6:00 pm) and 7:00 - 9:00 evenings.

VIII. Accommodations: Foreign Students Building, standard rooms, furnished and carpeted and equipped with telephone, air-conditioner, color TV and private bathroom and public kitchen on the floor. Students who study here for one semester or longer can enjoy a discounted rent of US$8 per room per day and two persons can share the room and the rent.

IX. Tuition and fees:
Chinese Language Courses:
Tuition: US$1400 per academic year
Registration: US$45 per Academic year
Teaching Materials: US$45 per academic year
Student Activities: US$50 per academic year
All undergraduate programs:
Tuition: US$1600 per academic year
Registration: US$45 per academic year
Student Activities: US$50 per academic year
Teaching Materials: Pay according to price
All master's programs:
Tuition: US$2000 per academic year
Registration: US$45 per academic year
Student Activities: US$50 per academic year
Teaching Materials: Pay according to price
All Ph.D. programs:
Tuition: US$2400 per academic year
Registration: US$45 per academic year
Student Activities: US$50 per academic year
Teaching Materials: Pay according to price

X. Length of Program:
Chinese Language Courses: No limit
All Graduate Programs: 4 years
All Masters' programs: 3 years
All Ph.D. programs: 3 years

XI. Application deadlines:
Chinese Language Courses: April 30th
All Undergraduate Programs: April 30th
All Masters' Programs: November 10th
All Ph.D. programs: November 10th
Registration Time:
All Programs: September 1st
Placement Test for Chinese Language Courses: September 2nd
No test for other programs.

XII. Location of Shanxi University:
36 Wucheng Road, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, P. R. China
(7 km from downtown, 7 km from Taiyuan Airport, 7 km from Taiyuan Railway Station)

Vacancy: 1

Gender: M / F

Degree: Middle school with TESOL / TEFL certificates, College, Bachelor, Master, Ph.D.

Major: Linguistics / Literature, Education

Work Experience: One year

Teacher or expert: Teacher

Age: Unspecified

Nationality: American, British, Canadian, Australian and foreign citizen of Chinese origin

Language: English

Contract duration: One year

Starting date: Sep.2003

Working place: On campus / Off campus

Workload: 13-15 periods per week

Monthly salary (RMB): 2200

Courses to teach: Conversational English, Oral English, Reading, Writing, British & American literature, etc

Air fare (RMB): Round trip / One way

Travel allowance (RMB): 2200 of one year contract

Monthly telephone allowance (RMB): 100

Meals: Free on workdays / Cooking utensils provided

Free Chinese course: 3 periods per week

Board: Free apartment on campus


Contact: Prof. Fenxi Zhang
Dean of International College
Tel/Fax: +86-351-7011644
Mr. Jingyu Ma
Program Officer, International College
Phone No. +86-351-7011934 Ext. 1

Shanxi University
36 Wucheng Rd., Taiyuan, Shanxi, P. R. China
Zip Code: 030006