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Chengdu University of Technology (CDUT) was founded in 1956. In 1993, the University changed its name from Chengdu College of Geology to Chengdu University of Technology. In May 2001, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, two other higher educational institutions, Sichuan Commercial College and the Training Institute for Staff Members of Non-Ferrous Metal Geological Institutions, amalgamated with the University. CDUT was one of ministerial key universities under the leadership of the Ministry of Land and Resources before 2000. It is one of provincial key universities.

CDUT is a multi-subject university. Specialties of CDUT are mainly in Science and Engineering with additional programs offered in Economics, Liberal Arts, Management, Law and Philosophy. The university is distinguished in its programs in resources (energy), environmental, foundation engineering and electronic information.

In recognition of their strength and consequence, 2 degree programs have been appraised as key specialties at the national level and other 8 degree programs as key specialties at the provincial level. The university also houses 2 key laboratories at the national level and 6 key laboratories at the provincial level and another 26 research institutions. There are 47 degree programs for undergraduate students. At the graduate level, 34 master programs and 11 doctoral programs are offered. In addition, CDUT runs 2 post-doctoral research stations. More than 25,000 students are enrolled full-time for the year 2002. The faculty of the university is 1665 , including 2 academician of Chinese Academy of Science, 50 doctorial tutors, 118 professors, 239 associate professors and 100 senior engineers. Since 1992, 26 teaching achievements and 26 textbooks compiled by CDUT staff have been awarded prizes at the national and provincial (ministerial) levels.

Since its foundation, 1879 research projects have been completed, of which 588 have been awarded prizes at the national, provincial and ministerial levels, and 15 have been approved national patent. According to evaluations, CDUT was ranked about 100 among over 1000 Chinese universities in recent years.

CDUT has good international reputation. International cooperative relationships and exchanges have been established with more than 30 universities outside China. More than 1,400 scholars and experts from 40 countries have visited CDUT to conduct research or to lecture. Students from United States, Australia, Germany, Austria, Korea, Japan and Russia have studied at CDUT in different fields. Over 200 international cooperative research projects have been completed. In recent years, the university has successfully held several international academic conferences.

The university museum, with more than 60,000 specimens, is one of the largest natural museums in west China. A lot of world and national class treasures are on display in the museum. The 22-meter-long Mamenchisaurus Hochuanensis is the world's longest-necked Jurassic dinosaur and the longest dinosaur fossil in Asia. Chungkingichthys Tachuenses is a complete fish fossil that lived more than 140 million years ago. The Museum accepts over 70,000 visitors annually. The CDUT library , with the floor space of 18,000 square meters, holds 1,340,000 volumes. The archive, with the reservation of over 30,000 dossiers and 100,000 documents, is one of the first-grade archives in China's research institutions and universities, and one of the largest archives in Sichuan Province.

In order to meet the needs of high-level personnel training during the West China Development, CDUT has made a great plan of building the university into “a famous university in the west part of China”. A campus expansion project, as an important part of the plan, is under way. The new campus will occupy an area of 133 hectares around the present main and north campuses. In the next three to five years, the new campus is going to be constructed by three stages, and it will become an ecological and digital campus with CDUT's own characteristics and culture. The land usage plan and the approval process have been finished. The first-stage construction project (about 55 hectares) of campus expansion is under construction.

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Contract Terms

Vacancy: 8-12

Degree: bachelor, master, PhD

Teacher or expert: teacher

Age: unspecified

Nationality: American, British, Canadian, Australian

Contract duration: one year

Starting date: Sept.2004

Working place: on campus

Workload: 16-18 teaching hours per week

Monthly salary (RMB): 2500-3500

Courses to teach: oral English, conversation, reading

Annual travel allowance (RMB): 3000 on completion of the contract

Board: flatlet on campus

Meals: cooking utensils provided

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Contact: Miss. Yu Yanling

Tel: +86-28-84079488

Fax: +86-28-84077099

E-mail: yyl@cdut.edu.cn   zsp@cdut.edu.cn

Website: http://www.cdut.edu.cn

Address: No.1 Dongsan Road, Er'xian Bridge, Chengdu, China

Postcode: 610059