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Luzhou Medical College


Luzhou Medical College is one of the schools of higher learning in Sichuan province, it is situated in the city of Luzhou which is a National Model City that Loves Army. a National Famous Historical and Cultural City as well as a National Clean City. Its campus is divided into two parts-zhongshan campus and Nangao campus, covering 1,044,700 square meters. The Zhongshan Campus is located on Mount. Zhongshan surrounded by the Yangtze River and the Tuo River, with a lot of green camphor trees, birds and flowers. The new campus-Nangao-is currently under construction and it has a bright future. During the past 50 years, with the hard work of generation after generation, Luzhou Medical College has developed into a society service center of teaching, medical care and scientific research in the connecting point of Sichuan, Yunan, Guizhou Provinces and Chongqing Municipality . It is a cradle for those students who are interested in the medical service of China.

Luzhou Medical College was founded in 1951 with the name of Southern Sichuan Medical School, it was renamed Luzhou Medical Vocational School in 1959, and it became Luzhou Medical College in 1978 . In 1993 it was authorized by the Degree Committee of the State Council to confer Master’s Degree, in 1998 it was commented as a qualified undergraduate college by China Education Ministry, in 2000 it began to accept students who have the same ability to apply for Master's Degree, It has the qualification of opening undergraduate majors of the medical category.

It has different admission levels from international students, postgraduate students, undergraduate students and three- years students to pre-college students, continuing study students and self-educated students. It has 6 Class II Master's Degree majors: Pre-clinical Traditional Chinese Medical Combined with Western Medicine, Clinical Traditional Chinese Medical Combined with Western Medicine, Physiology, Pathological Physiology, Internal Medical and Surgery. It has 16 undergraduate majors and directions: Clinical Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Oral Medicine, Anesthesiology, Nursing, Medical testing, Material Medicine, Epidemiology, Medical Photograph, Chinese Herb, Neurology, Eye-ear-nose-throat, and Medical English, etc. It has 8 vocational study majors and directions, and 14 continuing study majors, and 2 self-education and pre-college majors. More than 18,000 students have been trained in the college.

The college now has 16 provincial and national research institute such as the Vascular Medicine Institute, 4 provincial key specialties and 17 provincial key courses. It has one comprehensive "Grade III-Class A" Affiliated Hospital, one "Grade III-Class B" NO.2 Hospital (Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital), one Dental Hospital, one Nursing School and one Pharmaceutical Factory. It also has 5 non-subordinating hospitals and 39 teaching hospitals with 15,500 patient beds. "Luzhou Medical College Journal" is published both in China and other countries, it has got international CO-DEN code for document retrieve, and it is certified by the State Science Ministry as one of the resource journals for natural science information statistics. The college covers 372,000 square meters and the library contains more than 400,000 books with a Computer Network Center and an Electronic Reading-room. The new sports ground and stadium, the comprehensive teaching building covering 20,000 square meters and the new students dormitories covering 42,000 square meters are currently being built. The above mentioned will guarante3e the teaching, research and medical care of Luzhou Medical College.

The students are from 16 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, and about 8,000 students are now studying in the college. The staff numbers more than 2,560, among whom more than 420 are professors and associate professors. The staff are mainly people working in the field of Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine Combined with Western Medicine.

Since 1990 the college has carried out 544 research programs, more than 1/4 have received prizes of the ministry, the province and the city, several were transferred. More than 3,700 essays have been published in various journals nationally and abroad.

The college has established international exchange and cooperation relationship with 9 countries and regions such as Japan, Germany and the U.S.A. There are long-term international teachers teaching in the college and short-time international students studying Traditional Chinese Medicine. At the same time, the college has established relationship with more than 26 medical colleges and universities in China.

With the dawn of the new century and the information age, and with the "Harmony, Diligence, Practicality and Initiative" college spirit, the staff and students of the college are working diligently, in order to develop Luzhou Medical College into Sichuan Medical University characterized for combining Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western Medicine in varified ways and at different levels.

Contract Duration: Oct.2003-Oct.2004

Time of Commencement: Oct.2003

Program: School Exchange / Scholar Visit / Students Visit / School Cooperation

Quality of Overseas Partner: Educational Organization / Administrative Department

I. School Exchange:
Countries and Regions of Overseas Partner:

  • America: US, Canada
  • Asia: Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippine, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea
  • Europe: UK, Italy, Finland, German, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland
  • Oceania: Australia, New Zealand

II. Students Visit:
From Chinese Partner / The overseas partner enroll students within its territory, after the English training, study in overseas partner's school to get bachelor,master, or PhD degree.
Other Specifications
Type: General / Advanced Training
Type of Scholarship: Total / Half

III. School Cooperation
Chinese Partner / Certificate and degree from oversea partner
Type of Cooperation: A. 1+3 (Domestic 1 Y, Overseas3 Ys), B. 2+2 (Domestic 2Ys Overseas 2Ys), Other Specifications

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Address: Zhongshan Rd, Luzhou, Sichuan, China

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