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Teacher in Shanghai, China

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Jordan's all your life

Jordan Language School, the biggest system in Taiwan, has over 20 years' history. The first Jordan Language School was established in 1982 inTaipei. From the very beginning, business expanded from Taiwan to Mainland China, then to Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia. Now, the school has over 20 branches distributed in Mainland China. In addition to Shanghai Headquarters, there are also administrative branches located in every province.We have edited and developed many kinds of teaching materials, and provide education for more than one hundred thousand students in 500 branches.

Gathering around Jordan’s brand name, talents, knowledge and high technology, we set up this well-known educational institute.We are not only editing and developing the traditional and digital English teaching materials for children, but also working on unlimited commercial imaginary spaces, such as electronic commercial affairs, advertisements, questionnaires,activities, etc. BesidesEnglish courses, Jordan has various programs, such as, Multi - talented Education, Computer Education, Mathematics, Omni-bearing Kindergarten and Digital Jordan. To keep pace with the development of global digitalizing, Jordan has been involved in developing digital lessons even in its administration. We strive to develop the latest teaching products of social change and market trends as well as to promote the competition from others. Moreover, We not only concern about giving children an ideal English environment, but alsoproviding a high standard of English teaching in China.

If Children start learning language in their infancies, their language performances will be remarkable because of their growing brains and oral cavities. Children who study English blossom in many countries, which use English as the second language. English education for children through the internet and digital high-technology will break the limitation of spaces and time in order to have a well-designed environment at school and at home. Furthermore, Jordan’s way of teaching takes a full use of Digital Multi-Media (cartoonsand games) to arouse students' interests in learning English. After all, the key to learn is “Interest”.It is helpful to make a great capacity of the digital technology, which will upon practice, promote the children evaluation and communication skills. It will also promote the superior interactionsand communications between teachers, parents and children. The missionof JordanLanguageSchool is to open the window of English Education for Children and Digital Learning methods. Our aim is to gain the highest of achievement.

Jordan English web site consists of a series of English courses geared to children between the age of 3~15. Jordan continuously creates English animation courses, which contain a wide variety of unique techniques. Jordan.com is an effective tool for all teachers. It is an excellent, modern, teaching aid for enthusiastic children of all ages. Jordan.com is a child-friendly and relaxed environment where children are able to learn English easily.

The Concept of JordanLanguageSchool Of Shanghai

  • Professional - We insist that experts create and publish the suitable textbooks for the children in China.
  • Friendly - We take great care of the children and become friends with them.
  • Efficiency – We insist on efficient and high quality sources for our children's learning.
  • Creative – We keep the creativity in our lesson by discovering new ideas and using digital technology.
  • Enthusiasm – We keep a energetic and enthusiastic atmosphere to maintain us as the leader of the age.


1. Requirement for the candidates

A. Native American English speaker

B. University degree holder and teaching experience is preferred.

C. Love of children.

D. Love of teaching

E. Appreciate Chinese Culture and enjoy working with Chinese people.

F. Couples are welcome

2. Job offers

A. A monthly salary from RMB 4,000.00-5,000.00 (Depending on experience and qualification)

B. Working hour: 40 / week, including Teaching hour: 20 / week

C. Free and comfortable apartment including furniture and equipment

D. Free meals during working days

E. US$ 750/RMB6000 for international airfare subsidy when ONE YEAR contract is completed

F. Five (5) paid vacation days may be taken with a ONE YEAR contract

G. RMB3000 for perfect attendance when ONE YEAR contract is completed

H. Paid Chinese public holidays

K. Free education for your children in our schools

L. Chinese literature learning will be once a week

3. Training


Jordan employs a group of educational researchers and trainers. New teachers participate in an intensive two - day training course before they embark on a teaching schedule, and regular monthly training. Jordan's teacher training courses include:

A. overview of Jordan's English programs .

B. teaching techniques

C. using classroom materials and learning aids

D. class observations

E. videos of classes

F. preparing and teaching a sample class

Please Note

A. Positions are available in Shanghai, please submit your application as soon as possible for visa arrangement.

B. Future employment possibilities are welcome.

As Jordan is an international education group, we have many experiences working with the international teachers in Taiwan and Mainland China.Therefore, we will help you to enjoy your working and living in Shanghai, China. And you will have a wonderful memory with Jordan.

You can submit your application via e-mail, phone, and/or post.

E-mail:aolin2008@sohu.com, sherriway@yahoo.com

Telephone: +86-21-64057588

Fax: +86-21-64057538

Address: N0.560 Hongxu Road, Shanghai, China

Zipcode: 201103