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Center for International Languages and
Cultural Exchange Xinjiang Agricultural University Urumqi, China

Xinjiang Agricultural University (XAU) is an institute of higher education under the administration of the government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. It is located at 42 Nanchang Road, Urumqi. Its environment is beautiful, exquisite and quite and is covered with a large amount of trees, so, it is well known as a garden university.

XAU was established in 1952 and with 20 schools of Agronomy, Forestry, Animal Science, Machinery & Traffic, Water Hydrology & Civil Engineering, Economy & Management, Humanity & Society Sciences, Horticulture, Food Science, Grassland Engineering, Veterinary Science, Environmental science, Computer & Information Engineering, Foreign Languages, Chemical Engineering, Mathematics, Chinese Language, Pharmacy, Adult Education and High Vocational Technology. There are 38 disciplines for Bachelor's Degree, 31 disciplines for Master's Degree, 3 disciplines for Doctorate and 1 post –doctoral mobile station. The number of teachers at XAU is over 700 and the number of students is over 15,000.

From 1986 to present, there are more than 200 long-term and short-term foreign students form 16 countries have finished their study and graduated from XAU on the different disciplines of Chinese language, Uygur language, Kazak language and animal husbandry etc. Center for International Languages and Cultural Exchange was established in 2001 and it was approved by the government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

Friends from all over the world are welcome to XAU for further and higher education.

Applicants Classification


Duration (Year)

Tuition ( each academic year)

Non-degree Chinese, Uygur and Kazak Languages study

Senior school graduates or above. 60 years old below.



Non-degree study on other disciplines

Two years study experience on the intended disciplines at least



Undergraduate study

Senior school graduates or above, passed the HSK test and the examinations of mathematics, physics and chemistry



Graduate study

Passed the examination for Graduate Studies



Postgraduate study

Passed the examination for Postgraduate Studies



Please contact with us for information of all sorts of disciplines except language disciplines.




Major Courses

Non-degree Chinese language study

Compulsory Courses:

Elementary Chinese, Intermediate Chinese, Advanced Chinese, Listening, Spoken Chinese, Writing, Newspaper Reading, Translation, Comparative Study of Chinese and Foreign languages, Grammar, Appreciation and Analysis on Chinese Modern Literature, Xinjiang Local Custom, Language Practice etc.

Optional Courses:

Training Courses for HSK Test, Applied Writing, Scientific and Technical Selected works Reading, Basic knowledge on Ancient Chinese, Dialects of Modern Chinese, Audio-Visual Speaking, a Brief Introduction of Chinese History, a Brief Introduction of Xinjiang History, Xinjiang Geography, the ABC of Xinjiang Minority Nationalities Dance and Song, Calligraphy, Cooking etc.

Non-degree Kazak

Language study

Compulsory Courses:

Grammar, Reading, Listening and Speaking, Elementary Kazak Language, Xinjiang Local Custom, Language Practice.

Optional Courses:

Minority Nationality's Food Cooking, Appreciation and Analysis on Kazak Literature, a Brief Introduction of Xinjiang History etc.

Non-degree Uygur

Language Study

Compulsory Courses:

Grammar, Listening and Speaking, Reading, Elementary Uygur Language, Xinjiang Local Custom, Language Practice.

Optional Courses:

a Brief Introduction of Xinjiang History, Appreciation and Analysis on Uygur Literature, Minority Nationality's Food Cooking etc.

Non-degree Study,

Undergraduate Study,

Graduate Study and

Postgraduate Study

on Other Disciplines

Courses will be arranged according to the requirement of the special field of study. Information is available upon inquiry.

Entry Procedures

? To ask for the relevant application information by contacting with Foreign Students Management Office of XAU or visiting the website of XAU.

? To post the Application Form and 8 personnel standard photos (2 cun size) to XAU within 60 days prior to the commencement of spring (1 st , March ) or autumn (1 st , September) semester.

? To apply for X visa from the local Chinese Embassy with two documents of JW202 Form and XAU Admission Notice.

? To notify Foreign Students Management Office of XAU for picking up at airport or railway station in advance if it is required.

? To pay tuition fee of academic year and receive its receipt as well.

? To submit original copies of personnel passport, XAU Admission Notice and Health Examination Form etc. to Foreign Students Management Office of XAU.

? To pay application fee and registration fee, sign the Education Contract, receive the Student's Card, take part in the examination for class entry and purchase books and materials.

Note: No requirement on health examination for short-term trainees.


1. Single room with bed and bathroom etc., US$2.5- 5 per day .

2. Foreign students' apartment: double room with one living room, US$4-6.5 per day. It is suitable for one family living or two persons sharing and furnished with bathroom, sofa, writing desk, wardrobe, wired TV, reading lamp, telephone, refrigerator, washing machine, cooking stove and bed etc. The expenses of water and electricity will be charged.

3. It is also available to rent rooms nearby XAU. Foreign Students Management Office will be responsible for consulting.

Arrangement for Short - Term Language Training Class
Time Description


the first Week

Chinese, Uygur and Kazak Languages Spoken and Conversation

•  The number of trainees for each class should be above 5 and the training duration is 2 weeks.

•  Registration time: from 1 st may to 1 st July each year.

Training time: from May to September each year.

•  Registration fee: US$10 per trainee.

•  Tuition fee: US$180 per trainee (5 to 10 trainees). US$160 per trainee (over 10 trainees).

•  Accommodation fee: US$6 per trainee per day.

•  Class hours: 15 hours per week.

•  XAU side will be responsible for the expenses of traffic and lunch for tour. And Entrance tickets fee will be paid by trainees themselves.

•  If there are any more comments, please tell us without hesitation.

Weekend of the First Week


Turpan One-day–tour. Kaner Well-Flamed Mountain-Grapes Valley-Jiaohe Old City-Thousand Buddha Caves.


The Nanshan Mountain One-day-tour. Forest sight and kazak nationality custom.

The second week

Chinese, Uygur and Kazak languages Reading, a Brief Introduction of Xinjiang Culture

Weekend of the second week


The Heaven Lake one-day-tour. Waterfall, snow peaks etc.


Urumqi city sightseeing. Shopping at the Erdaoqiao Minority Nationalities Market.


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