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I. Basic Information

Xinjiang university was founded in 1924 and is located in the southern part of Urumqi City. It is a national key comprehensive university with students from various ethnic groups and the only university in Xinjiang entering the national “211 Project”. On December 30th, 2000 the former Xinjiang University and Xinjiang Engineering Instiute merged into a new Xinjiang University. In the 80 years, the university has seen 65,000 students graduate.

II. University Area and Resources

Xinjiang University, which covers an area of 1,640,000 square meters, is divided into three parts: the main campus, the north campus and the south campus. Buildings cover 749,000 square meters of the university’s area. There is a library comprising 1,420,000 volumes.

III. Courses and Degrees

Xinjiang University has courses and branches of study ranging from science, engineering, law and economics to management, the arts and art history. There are 3 Ph.D. programs, 46 Masters’ programs and 65 under-graduate majors. The university has two State-level and 4 Provincial-level major fields of study. Currently under development for the national “211 Project” are 6 more majors. In addition, there is a State-level center for social science and humanities and a post-doctoral scientific research mobile station.

IV. Organizational Structure

Xinjiang University is comprised of 14 schools, as follows: Economic and Management School, Law School, College of Liberal Arts, College of Foreign Languages, Institute of Mathematics and Systematic Science, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering College, Life Science and Technological Institute, Institute of Resources and Environmental Science, Information Science and Engineering College, Mechanical Engineering College, Electrical Engineering College, construction Engineering /college, Higher Vocational and Technical College, Science and Technology College and the College of Adult Education. There are two other departments, one for physics and one for textile engineering, and also three faculties serving the whole university: social science, Chinese as a preparatory course and physical education. IN d\addition there are three centers including a technological center on modern education, a physical and chemical test center and an engineering training center.

V. Research Institutions

Xinjiang University has research institutions in these 8 areas of study: economics, arid ecology, math theory, demography, applied chemistry, Central Asia culture, Altaic study and architectural design.

VI. The Faculty

As of 2002 in the 1,830-member faculty of Xinjiang University there are 13 doctoral instructors, 174 masters instructors, 123 professors, 613 associate professors, 823 lecturers and 4 Foreign Experts.

VII. The Student Body

Xinjiang University currently has 38,000 students enrolled in its various schools. Of these 21,800 are undergraduates, 15,416 are adult students, 784 are master and doctoral students and 65 are international students.

VIII. International Exchange

In order to intensify the reform of the teaching system and improve the administration and quality of teaching and scientific research, Xinjiang University is striving to expand its extensive cooperation and exchange with universities both at home and aboard. In the past 20 years, Xinjiang University has established exchange relationships with 20 universities, colleges and scientific research institutes. These universities are located in the USA, Japan, Russia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong, Macao, and Chinese Taipei. It has signed cooperative agreements with Oklahoma Baptist University, and Altai Border State Industry University in Russia (CIS); Kazak State University in Kazakhstan; and Tashkurgan State University of Technology in Kyrgyzstan.

In recent years more than 500 faculty members have been sent abroad to study. These returning scholars have become the main teaching staff of the university About 400 international students have come to study in Xinjiang University. These students have come from USA, Japan, Russia, France, Germany, Korea, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Norway, Switzerland, and most of the Central Asian nations. In addition there have been 300 long or short term Foreign Experts and professors have come to teach of in other ways cooperate in various fields of study.

IX. Scientific Research Achievements

Since 1995 Xinjiang University has held 504 projects of the State-level “863 Program” and the “973 Program”. Of these 90 projects were awarded by the State, 3 attained international level, and 41 are at the forefront of the national level, 474 books have been published and 9,501 academic papers, issued.

X. Future Goals

Facing the challenges of the 21st century, Xinjiang University has set its goal on aiding with Xinjiang’s economic construction and social development. It will adapt itself to the national readjustment in the industrial, agricultural and service sectors with the hope of supplying the demand for higher quality expertise to speed social progress. Using its unusual combination of local and national characteristics and its own advantages, Xinjiang University will make a bid to be among the advanced level local comprehensive universities in teaching quality, scientific research, and administrative level and efficiency. Its aim is to have a significant effect on Central Asia by constructing a major base of quality training, scientific research and technological results by providing a full coverage of subjects and branches of study.

Basic Information for Potential Xinjiang University Foreign Students

I. Requirements of the Potential Student

Occupation: presently a teacher, student or other position

Interest: Chinese, Uygur, or Kazak languages

Health: Good

Age: 18-50 years old

II. Areas of Study

1. Possible majors

Chinese, Uygur or Kazak language; Chinese, Uygur or Kazak liteature; and majors in science, enginering, law and economics to management, the art and art history, etc. The History of Xinjiang’s For all other majors, which are taught in Chinese, the student must first take Chinese language courses and pass the HSK exam. This may take 1 to 2 years of full time study.

2. Teaching Method n

1. In addition to classroom teaching, lectures introducing the minority cultures, local traditions and customs, folk songs and dances and Chinese calligraphy will be given

2.Some visits to local sights and practical activities related to the teaching and studying will be arranged.

3. When the school is finished, he students will be tested. Those qualifying will be given a diploma.

III. Length of Study Terms

Nom-degree study: 6 months or 1-2 years, Bachelor Degree: 4 years, Master Degree: 3 years

IV. Application Deadline and Semester Starting Dates

Application Date: April 1st to June 1st for the Fall Semester

September 1st to November 1st for the Spring Semester

Semester Starting Date: September 1st to November 1st for the Spring Semester

March 1st for the Spring Semester

V. Application

1. Fill in the “xinjiang University Foreign Students Application Form “and mail it to the Xinjiang University Foreign Affairs Office within the given dates.

2. Supply a health examination including blood work and a chest x-ray negative issued by a public hospital. This form can be downloaded from the chinese Embassy website.If any difference is found after the applicant’s arrival, then he or she will need to have a health examination at a Xinjiang hospital at his own expense.

3. A recommendation letter from a teacher or employer.

4. A guarantee of financial reliability

5. 6 current photos and 20USD registration fee which can be paid upon entering the school

VI. Fees

1. Tuition

1. Short term study: 300USD for 4 weeks and 50USD for every additional week or study

2. Non-degree study: 750USD for 6 months; 1500USD for 1 year

3. Bachelor Degree: 1900USD for 6 months; 1800USD for 1 year

4. Postgraduate study: 1200USD for 6 months; 2400USD for 1 year

2.Housing Costs

1. Foreign Students’ apartments: room with private bath, Kitchen, hot water heater, TV and telephone single room: 30RMB per person, per day

2. Hu Bing Ge Guesthouse: room with private bath, kitchen, hot water heater, TV and telephone Single room: 50RMB per person per day 2-room apartment: 100 RMB per person per day

3. Off campus rooms can be rented at designated locations.

current photo

Application Form for Foreigners Wishing to Study in Xinjiang University
(Please fill out the form carefully)

1.Personal information
Family name_____________________ Given name_____________________________
Sex_____________________________ Nationality____________________________
Religion________________________ Marital Status_________________________
Passport No._____________________ Birth Date_____________________________
Permanent address and Tel.No._____________________________________________________

2.Educational Background:
Years attended(From/to)_________________________________________________
Diploma received________________________________________________________
fields of study_________________________________________________________

3.Current employment:
Employer_________________________ Position_____________________

4. Language proficiency:
  Excellent Good Fair Beginning
Chinese ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________
English ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________

5.Plan of study in Xinjiang University:
General advanced student______________ Senior advanced Student______________
Graduate student______________ Postgraduate______________
Subject or field of study__________________________________________________________
Duration of study From_______________________ (Y/M) to ___________________________(Y/M)

6. Source of financial support:
Funding organization_____________________________________________________________
Guarantor's signature_____________________________________________________________

7. Requirement of Accommodation:
Single room______________ Double room______________

Signature of applicant:_____________________


Contact Info

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Address: Foreign Affairs Office, Xinjiang University, 14, Sheng Li Road, Urumqi, Xinjiang, China

Postcode: 830046