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Welcome to study at Yunnan Normal University. The Institute of Chinese and International Studies (ICIS) of YNNU is responsible for the recruiting, teaching, management and service for the university's international students.

ICIS has a first-class team, including 30 faculty members, 10 staff members, and 60 part-time teachers. After many years' development, YNNU has been proved to be one of the best universities in China in the field of teaching Chinese as a second language, hence is famed as one of the 10 key universities in China in support of Chinese language teaching for neighboring countries, one of the 4 bases in China in training of Chinese language teachers for Southeast Asian countries, one of the first 16 Chinese universities in undertaking of overseas Confucius Institute, and one of the key Chinese universities responsible for training overseas Chinese language teaching volunteers.

Since we first started to enroll international students in the 1990s, more than 3,000 students have studied here. Our current education includes Non-degree Chinese Language Training, Undergraduate, and Master Graduate. In 2004, around 800 international students studied in our university, and the total number of students in our 5 overseas Chinese Language Centers reached over 1,000.

To assure high teaching quality, our institute limits the size of each class to 10 students. In addition, we also offer individualized teaching. We design our one-on-one program (i.e. one teacher teaching one student) to meet each student's needs and interests. We offer various elective courses as well as special courses on technical ability. Furthermore, we can help our international students find Chinese counterpart, homestay families, and arrange fieldwork. Our high teaching quality, detailed service, strong supervisory system, and scientific management have not only earned a good reputation for our institute, but also increased the number of international students has increased by 30% per year during the past 4 years.

The choice to study at ICIS of Yunnan Normal University will rapidly improve your abilities in the Chinese language, and in your major field of study. Studying at YNNU will also offer you opportunities to experience the gorgeous scenery and diverse cultures of the many ethnic groups in Yunnan province, and make it very convenient for you to travel in Southeast Asian countries.

It will be a wise choice for you to study at ICIS of YNNU, and we will also be proud to have you as our student!

Programs for International Students 

Non-degree Chinese language programs

Minor Degree Programs (Length of study: 3 years)

Bachelor’s degree programs

Master’s Degree Programs

Short-term language and culture programs

Yunnan Provincial Scholarship

 Tuition and living expenses



Period of Study



Term session

9050 RMB/term or 50 RMB /teaching hour


60 RMB /teaching hour

Small Class

Term session

11500 RMB /year (5750 RMB /term) or 20 RMB /teaching hour


35 RMB /teaching hour

Bachelor's Degree

One year

12345 RMB /academic year

Master's Degree

One year

14800 RMB /academic year

THM Student

One year

13000 Yuan/ academic year

(preparatory, Minor, bachelor's degree)

One year

15000 Yuan/ academic year (Master's Degree)

Other fees:






Body Exam

233 Yuan

For those who study longer than 6 months.

Residence permit

400 Yuan/less than 1 year

1-3 years:800 Yuan



See table above


Application fee

125 Yuan

Apply to all new students


100-200 Yuan

Subject to the materials used.


International Student Hotel

80 Yuan/ Standard room

Two beds, private bathroom, color TV, telephone, Internet connection, desk, lamp

25 Yuan/bed/ twin room

Three rooms in an apartment, two beds in a room,color TV , telephone, Internet connection, desk in each room, shared bathroom with the other two rooms

Chinese Student Dormitory

1200 Yuan/ Year

Four persons share a room with a toilet, a telephone, a wardrobe and a desk.

House off campus

600-1000 Yuan/


Two rooms, one sitting room,kitchen, toilet, shower, furniture (Fee differs depending on the size and location of the apartment )


50 Yuan/Day

With a Chinese family, one bedroom, two meals, share all the facilities with the family.



2 Yuan/hour

Institute/University computer center


5 Yuan/piece

Dry cleaning, wash

Student canteen

4 Yuan/meal

Rice, two kinds of meat, two vegetables


200 Yuan

Reading, borrowing (Deposit included)

Note: YNNU keeps the right to adjust the prices when it is necessary and the students may not be informed in advance.

 How to apply

1.   Please visit for the online application. After completing the form, press the “submit” button to finish the application. After submitting the form, please confirm your registration by sending an email to

2.   The Institute of Chinese and International Studies (ICIS) of YunnanNormalUniversity will email the applicants when they are accepted. An authorized visa application form (JW202 form) and a Notice of Admission will be mailed through express mail service (EMS) to the applicants after it has been confirmed by both sides.

3.   Students should apply for a Study Visa (X visa) or Visiting Visa (F visa) at a Chinese embassy or consulate close to you with the materials provided by ICIS and a physical examination report. Students should come to the university to register before the date written on the Notice of Admission.

4.   If you cannot apply for a student's visa or a visiting visa for any reason, you can apply for a tourist visa (L visa) to come to our university. Our university will then assist in changing it to a student's visa (X visa) after you are registered at the university. The fee for changing a visa and applying for a residence permit is 400 RMB (within 12 months).

5.   If your study period is less than 4 months, you should apply for a visiting visa (F visa).

Any inquiries please email us:

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Registration at the university

1. Please register at the Admission Office of International Students, ICIS with your passport, the Notice of Admission, Visa Application Form (JW202 Form) (if available) and four passport photos (about 35cm×45cm).

2. Students still need to complete the following. Details will be explained in the International Student Handbook.

Checklist of Registration

a. Fill out/ Print out the registration form;


b. Check the validity of visa.


c. Pay the tuition fee.


d. Placement test.


e. Register your residence at the International Student Hotel or local Public Security Bureau (PSB) office.


f. Pick up class schedule, buy textbooks and Internet card.


g. Take Physical exam (for the students from Southeast Asia countries and those who study for 6 months and above only)


h. Change/apply visa/Residence Permit at the Admission Office.



1. If you are coming to Kunming for the first time, we can usually arrange for you to be picked up at the airport or railway station for FREE, if we are informed of your exact flight/train details at least three days before your arrival. Such information can be sent to us through email or fax. YNNU is about 12 kilometers from KunmingAirport, so it takes about 30 minutes and costs about 25 RMB (or $3 USD) by a taxi. If you cannot find our office, please call our faculty at 5516251 or 5516228. The International Student's Hotel is by the side gate of the main campus of our university on Jianshe Road.

2. If you are a new student, you should register, pay the tuition fee, buy textbooks, ask for class schedule, apply for a resident permit at ICIS at least five days before classes start and try to become familiar with the campus.

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Admission requirements

All healthy people who are willing to study at our university, follow the laws and regulations of China and the regulations of our university are welcome to apply to study t our university. There is no requirement for Chinese proficiency for students interested in studying Chinese language. For students who want to work for a B. A., a diploma from senior high school is required and for those who want to work for a M. A., a B. A. is required. International students whose Chinese level reaches Band 3 of HSK can apply to be M.A. candidates in sciences and engineering, Band 4 can apply to be M. A. candidates in social sciences or liberal arts and Band 6 can apply to be M. A. candidates in Chinese language. Those who have no HSK certificate can register first and take the HSK Exam later.

Contact: Mr.liu

Tel: +86-871-5516251

Fax: +86-871-5516804


Postcode: 650092