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Founded in 1959, Yunnan Arts Institute (YAI) is a comprehensive art college in Southwest China. In 2003, YAI was authorized to confer Master Degrees on students specializing in Dramatics, Musicology and Fine Arts. The University consists of five schools: the School of Music, School of Fine Arts, School of Art Design, School of Adult Education and Wen Hua School; together with four departments: Drama Department, Dance Department, the Department of Movies & Television Art, and the Department of Art & Culture. YAI also has an Attached Middle & High School.


The International Art and Culture Exchange Center (IACEC) is responsible for recruiting, teaching, management and service for the university’s international students. IACEC have 4 staff menbers, 6 excellent teachers who have the certificate for teaching Chinese as a second language, and 10 part-time teachers.

Since the first group of international students were enrolled in 1996, more than 500 students have studied either Chinese Language or Arts in our university. Current programs include short-term Chinese Language courses and Art courses, undergraduate and post graduate programs for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Arts.


Yunnan Arts Institute (YAI) has availed itself of the richness and diversity of ethnic cultures and arts in Yunnan Province in order to provide our students with unique programs. Traditional Chinese Painting, Calligraphy, Chinese Traditional and Ethnic Musical Instruments, Vocal Music, Chinese Traditional and Ethnic Dance, Art Design (including environment design, interior design, packaging design, animation, fresco, commercial design etc.) are among the most chosen courses by the international students. Besides, Chinese Histoty and Culture, Martial Arts, Photography, Chinese Music History, Drama Acting,Chinese Film Appreciation, Model Training, Choreography and Film Editing, just to name a few, are also open to your choice.                                

As to the Chinese Language Courses, all individualized according to each student’s need, are conducted by experienced teachers. Lessons are given in small class of no more than 10 students. If you want, a one-to-one program is always available for you for both the language and art courses. Extracurricular varies from in-province tour, school visits to academic intership and language learning exchanges.


Contract Terms
American Student having Chinese Folk Dance Course


YAI is equipped with a library with a capacity of 17,800 books, an electronic reading-room, a Sports Ground, and three cafeterias. All the facilities charge a reasonable price.

 How to apply:

  • To start with, an applicant can log on our website to download the Application Form for International Applicants for Yunnan Arts Institute, and then, after finishing it,email it to IACEC of YAI at, and remit a registration fee of ¥300RMB to the school. We will process the application as soon as we receive all the documents and the registration fee. The applicant is responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of all the information provided in the documents.
  • Besides the documents mentioned in item 1, applicants for a bachelor’s or master’s degree program, shall provide an HSK report higher than band 6 and take part in the art examinations given by the school he or she applies for (The exams will be given when the students arrive in YAI).
  • International Students having Chinese Martial Arts Course
    Once admitted by IACEC, we will send to the candidate a visa application form (JW202 form) and an Admission Letter Sample. (Application for degree programs will first be accepted to study in the Institute according to all the basic information listed in item 1. Only when the candidate passes the art examinations will he or she be enrolled as an international student for degree study.)
  • The applicant then can apply for an X Visa (Student visa) with the two documents mentioned in item 3 together with a clean physical examination report at any Chinese embassy or consulate in the foreign countries. One can also apply for an L Visa (Tourist visa) for which he doesn’t have to do any antecedent application until his arrival in China. In this case the candidate can just come to IACEC of YAI to apply. But do come 15 days before your L visa expires.
  • If your study is less than 4 months, you can apply for an F visa (Visiting visa)



Length of Study


One-to-one Chinese

At least 1 month

45RMB per class hour

or 9000RMB per term(15weeks×15hours)

Small Class Chinese

At least 1 week

20RMB per class hour per person (more than 4 persons)

One-to-one Art

At least 1 week

75RMB per class hour

Small Class Art

At least 1 week

35RMB per class hour per person (more than 4 persons)

Art Study with

Chinese Student

According to the subject schedule

50RMB per class hour

Bachelor’s Degree

4 years

20000RMB per academic year

Master’s Degree

3 years

22000RMB per academic year


Accommodation and Other Expenses






Residence Permit

400RMB (less than one year)

1-3 year: 800RMB

Physical Examination (in China)


For those who study longer than 6 months


Application Fee


all new students


See above





Study tools


According to the

Certain subject requirement


Hotel around the campus



100RMB per day

per standard room



Two beds, private bathroom, color TV, desk, lamp

House Rental


500-1000RMB per month

Fee differs in accord with the size and location



1RMB per hour

Institute electronic reading-room

Student canteen

3-5RMB per meal

Need to get a Canteen Card



Reading, borrowing and Deposit

The prices may change from what is designated in this table. YAI is not going to issue any complementary notice of such change.

International Students having Chinese Painting Course

Steps of Registration

Come to the IACEC――――check the Passport, the admission letter,and the validity of the Visa ――――register your residence at a Hotel or the local public security office――――sign a student agreement――――cay Registration fee (if you come with a L visa) and tuition-―――provide the IACEC with your passport, four photos, residence registration certificate by the public security office, a clean physical examination report――――prepare study tools and buy textbooks――――register for the library card, internet card and canteen card――――map out your study schedule


 Relevant Information

American Student having Chinese Flute Course
  • Yunnan Arts Institute is about 13km from Kunming international airport. It takes about 40min and costs about 35RMB by taxi. The international office (International Art and CultureExchangeCenter) is just in the first floor of the dance department in the campus. If you cannot find the office, please call at 6249126. The Hotel around the campus is about 5 to 15 minutes by walk (a preceding reservation is recommended).
  • If this is your first time to come to Kunming, you need to register at least 15 days before your study begins.
  • We suggest the international student to buy a traveling insurance and health insurance during the time of study in China.
  • We welcome students from all over the world to study at our university.
  • Students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan follow the same procedure as the international students.
  • Please bring your passport, the Admission Letter, Visa Application Form (JW202 Form), four passport photos, residence registration certificateand physical Examination Report when you register at the International Art and Culture Exchange Center of Yunnan Arts Institute.
  • For those who are to work for a diploma from the attached middle school or a B.A., a certificate of HSK Band 6 is required; for those who want to work for a M.A.,a certificate of HSK Band 8 is required.


Contact Info

Contact: Sarah Yang, Benny Li

Tel: 86-871-6249126

Fax: 86-871-6249906



Add: No.9 Ma Yuan, Wu Hua District, Kunming, YunnanP.R.C.

Postcode: 650101