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Shaoxing University

Teaching positions at Shaoxing University

Shaoxing University is recruiting foreign teachers to teach English and specialized courses in the School of Foreign Languages, the School of Business and Management, the School of Humanities, and in other schools.

Applicants who wish to teach English language courses must have a bachelor's degree or higher. Preference is given to applicants who have previous teaching experience. The university is especially interested in applicants who have TOEFL and/or TEFL experience and/or qualifications, who majored in English, and/or are able to teach business English 

The term "specialized courses" is used by the Ministry of Education to refer to courses that are not English language, or other foreign language, courses. For example, courses in history, management, literature, computer science, and international trade are specialized courses. Because general education requirements are taught in the various schools, a wide range of specialized disciplines can be accommodated. Applicants who wish to teach specialized courses at Shaoxing University must have a master's degree or higher.

Shaoxing University is a dynamic and evolving regional university. It was created in 1996 through the merging of four colleges in Shaoxing, and now has about 16,000 full-time students. The university's campus is modern, spacious and beautiful.

The university is located on the edge of the city of Shaoxing, within walking distance of the downtown area. Shaoxing is a beautiful small city, and is famous in China for its canals, bridges and architecture; its rich cultural tradition; and its clean air. Shaoxing is three hours by bus southwest of Shanghai. It is one hour east of Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province.

The selection of foreign teachers is based on several criteria. These include the level of academic degree or degrees held by the applicant; his or her academic research and publications; prior teaching experience, adjunct faculty or full-time faculty experience, previous teaching experience in China, and relevant non-teaching experience; teaching evaluations prior to Shaoxing University, and annual evaluations at Shaoxing University; and whether or not the foreign teacher will be teaching specialized courses. These criteria are also used in determining salaries.

The standard teaching load is fourteen 45-minute periods per week. If the applicant holds a Ph.D. from an accredited university, has full-time faculty experience, has a record of scholarly research and publications, and plans to pursue research and publication while at Shaoxing University, the teaching load may be lower.

Foreign teachers at Shaoxing University are provided with the use of an on-campus furnished apartment – and receive an international travel reimbursement allowance. The pay range is from 3,500 RMB to 6,000 RMB per month.

If you are interested in the possibility of a teaching position at Shaoxing University, please email us at intl@zscas.edu.cn,richone@sina.com

We would be pleased to send you a copy of our contract, which provides details about compensation and benefits. We can also send you a copy of the criteria we use when selecting foreign teachers and determining their salaries.

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