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Zhejiang University City College (ZUCC)


Zhejiang University City College (ZUCC), founded in July 1999, was approved by the Education Ministry of China and Zhejiang Provincial Government, and is jointly co-operated by Hangzhou Municipal Government and ZhejiangUniversity, together co-sponsored with Zhejiang Post and Telecommunications Bureau. Being a result of reform in higher education, it is an independent college of ZhejiangUniversity, one of the famous key universities in China and offers full-time undergraduate programs.

The College is located at HangzhouCity proper with a programmed land use for campus, with completely new school buildings of 300 square meters. Students will enjoy good school-running conditions, graceful campus environment and complete facilities.

Supported by the branch of learning foundation of ZhejiangUniversity, the college sets up the specialties in line with the requirement of social and economic development as well as the trend of latest progress on science and technology. The college has now 7 subordinate schools and 1 department, including 32 undergraduate regular specialties, which include School of Computer and Computing Science, School of Information and Electrical Engineering, School of Life Science, School of Engineering, School of Foreign Languages, BusinessSchool, School of Media Studies and Humanities, and Department of Law.

At present, the college enrolls students from Zhejiang province with promising source of students. In the year of 2005, there are already 10,800 students.
ZhejiangUniversity is in charge of the teaching and management of this college. The teachers and management personnel of the college are selected from those of ZhejiangUniversity. We employs now 334 full-time teachers, 33% being professors or associate professors, almost 70% hold Master degree. According to the objective of "building up a high-quality faculty team with full-time and part-time combination in rational structure, which adapts to the college development requirements”, the college implements new administrative and operational system and employs full-time teachers and staffs in the system,strengthening the post appointment so as to reflect performance-related payment.

The college values course developments and science researching very much. There are 4 key subjects from Hangzhou municipal authority: Computer Application Technique, Pharmacology, International Trade, Business Administration; 2 college supporting subjects: Journalism, Communication and Information System; 11 research centers: City’s Affair Research Center, International Economy and Trade Development Center, Research Center for Scenery and Tourism Planning, Center for Broadcast and Television Production, Advertisement Diffusing Center, Convention and Exhibition Research Center, Teaching Instrument Graduate School, Computer Application Technique Institute, Investment Graduate School, International Goods-flow Research Center, Medicine Graduate School.

Effort to cultivate talents with practical knowledge and skills

The rapid and healthy development of the college is largely contributed to the scheduled policy of cultivating talent with practical knowledge and skills. We clearly declare on the first day of opening ceremony that the college aims to cultivate the talents of practical knowledge and skills of the educational background of regular undergraduate courses. Generally speaking, we emphasize the pursuit of harmony in improvement of knowledge, ability and quality, taking knowledge learning as the base and ability development as key points. On a more detailed level, we make sure to develop students’ abilities in the application of professional knowledge, English and computer skills, abilities in interpersonal interaction and in innovation. Practical ability is also of major concern of the specialties, curriculums, teaching items, and teaching process. As a result, we set up the Committee of City College for Cooperation of Learning & Research & Production soon after this college was established. With many Teaching Bases established, we have carefully made arrangements for students to take part in the social practice, and make great efforts to provide opportunities for students to carry out teaching practicum and graduation practicum.

 Internationalization development

The backbone of the management personnel of the college are all from ZhejiangUniversity, most of whom are of progressive thinking for school operation as well as of international vision due to years of influence from the academic culture of ZhejiangUniversity. On the first day that the college was established in 1999, the college leader stated that the teaching idea is to make the students the main focus while pursuing to carry out education with open, practical, diversified and innovative features. With China’s accession to the WTO, foreign colleges and universities have taken great effort to get shares in the educational market of China. ZhejiangUniversity CityCollege becomes their first target, which adopts a flexible system and integrates a large number of students of high quality as well as good financial background.

The college leaders have decided to adopt the internationalization development strategy to meet the current situation and to nurture development opportunities. Over just the past several years, we have set up five cooperative projects with three universities in two foreign countries, and have been carrying out exchanges of teachers, students, and management personnel with higher institutions in Singapore and Hong Kong. We have currently 20 overseas partners, closely collaborating in the process of education internationalization.

ZhejiangUniversity CityCollege has made great achievements since its establishment 6 years ago. Prospecting the future, we can see both opportunities and challenges. The college will continuously further educational and instructive reforms through the innovation of both schooling system and administrative system, for the purpose of improving the overall educational quality and also schooling features, to make the college become a dynamic, characteristic, top-ranking comprehensive college oriented to the needs of economic globalization and development of modern cities.


Vacancy: 5

Nationality: U.S.A, UK, Canada, Australia and other English speaking countries

Education Background: bachelor, master, doctor

Major: linguistics, literature, education and others related

Teaching Experience Required

Workload: 16 class periods per week, each class lasts 45 minutes

Monthly Salary (RMB): 3000-5000 according to your education background and work experiences

Annual Travel Allowance (RMB): 2000

Free On-campus Accommodation: with kitchen, bathroom equipped with water heater, refrigerator, and facilities for heating and cooling. (which you would find out soon that it is one of the best on-campus accommodations!)

Monthly Meal Allowance (RMB): 150


Liaison: Ms Chen Yao (Jane), International Program Office

TEL: +86571 88018498

FAX: +86571 88018557

E-mail: cheny@zucc.edu.cn

Address: No.51 Huzhou Street, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

Postcode: 310015